Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling

Even if you take a planet with you. The people of the Time and Space Administration all think that Jiushao has schizophrenia, but the annual physical examination shows that their Jiushao is very normal. He was born with such a snake spirit disease. The system analysis is a little shivering. Untouchable. Untouchable. Chapter 423 Yin and Yang Express (29). [800 ♂ Xiao ÷ Shuo Net.], wonderful free reading without pop-up window! “It was in this hotel that I met Su Rou and the man.” Xie Hui took Mingshu back to his hotel. “But when I caught up with him, there was no one. I saw later that there were two sides to go downstairs. They must have gone downstairs when I didn’t react.” “Who is the man with Su Rou?” Xie Hui shook his head, “I don’t know, it looks a bit like people in the circle, but when they passed, I felt a very strange Yin Qi, but unfortunately only for a moment, I didn’t find what it was.” Xie Hui spoke out his doubts. They should use their ID cards to check in, right? “That’s true, and now the whole country is a rigid requirement.” Xie nodded back, “I’ll ask.” Xie Hui quickly asked from the front desk girl, “It’s a girl named Hu Jianming and Zhao Desheng. Without Su Rou’s name, she seems to be under eighteen years old.” “Zhao Desheng?” The last time Ling Yan pinched Su Rou’s neck, the first one to ask was Gu Yi, and the second one was Zhao Desheng. The name.. Mingshu tried to recall the plot,whirlpool bathtub, in which the original owner fell into the hands of a heavenly teacher. But there is no mention of the name of the heavenly teacher in the plot, if it is really him, Su Rou was opposed to him at the beginning, but now it is a little interesting to mix them together. The name sounds familiar, as if I had heard it somewhere. Xie Hui also muttered, he took out his cell phone, “I ask other people.” Mingshu came out of the hotel,outdoor whirlpool tub, Xie Hui edited the information, carrying his peach wood sword to follow Mingshu out, the big underpants flip-flops and the county is quite harmonious. His eyes fell on Ling Yan, who was standing in the distance. “Hey, what’s wrong with you? It was strange last night.” “I want to be a man. He told me not to be a man. You say, who is right and who is wrong?” Xie Hui pulled the corners of his mouth, “I said you have a good identity now, what kind of person do you do?”? Although it’s a ghost, it can be regarded as longevity. What’s wrong with it? Why do you have to be a man? “For snacks.” I can’t throw away snacks. Are you telling the truth? Why does it feel so funny? “Of course it’s true.” Xie Hui: “… …” Snake essence disease occurs every year, especially this year. When the ghost only needs to absorb Yin Qi, where to eat what, convenient and fast, massage bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, I really do not know what she is thinking. How can ordinary people understand the childlike heart of a foodie who can’t betray snacks? Let me put it to you this way. Xie Hui picked the key point and said, “The conditions for resurrection are very harsh. Even if your body is still there now, you also meet all the conditions and successfully return to your body, but you still have a 90% chance of going up in smoke.” Xie Hui pointed to the sky with a peach wood sword. The underworld exists. Do you think the gods don’t exist? Those above are not allowed to exist against common sense. Mingshu was silent. Ling Yan was so insistent that he probably knew that once he was resurrected, he would be faced with ashes. Can’t be a man.. Snacks! I didn’t mean to abandon you! There was no news for the time being, and Mingshu did not leave Anfeng County, but wandered around. A day later. Didi Didi Xie Hui took out his cell phone and looked at it, who knew that his face would change. He showed his cell phone to Mingshu. “Look, look, look.” Mingshu withdrew his line of sight, holding the snacks that Shen Xianyue had just offered, and looking at Xie Hui’s hand, it was a few pictures, a bit like personnel files. Zhao Desheng’s name is striking. And the big red cross on the file is even more shocking. Xie Hui explained, “This is the heavenly teacher whose qualification certificate has been revoked. I said how Zhao Desheng sounded so familiar. I heard my master mention it.” It seems that he was discovered because he used ghosts to refine some sorcery, and then he was expelled by the heavenly teacher world. ” Before Mingshu finished reading, her neck suddenly cooled, and her whole ghost was carried back, and a gloomy voice sounded from the top of her head, “What are you doing so close to him?” MMP didn’t see you so close to me! Such a.. A man who doesn’t want to describe at all, you are still so close! Do you look better than me? Can’t I suck the Yang Qi from his body? Do you have Yang Qi for me to suck? Mingshu smiled and clapped Lingyan’s hand. Sure enough, I couldn’t help dissing him. Angry to death, anyway, the world is strange, I go to the next plane to eat. Find him. With this in mind, Mingshu began to Qi Lingyan with a good conscience. Do you believe I killed him? Still suck Yang Qi and treat yourself as a fox spirit? “You kill, I did not stop you, how do you want to kill?”? Dismembered by five horses or cut to pieces? Ling Yan’s voice seemed to be frozen, and his handsome face was gloomy. “Do you think I dare not?” Mingshu smiled. “Please.” Ling Yan looked sideways at Xie Hui, his eyes, spooky, like the devil in hell, Xie Hui was frozen in place. Xie Hui: “… …” When you two quarrel, why do you pull me, an innocent crowd? Can’t you treat me as a background board? The most important thing is that I have nothing to do with her! “Ange.” He called her name through gritted teeth. She just wants to make me angry and find a gigolo to bring her back to life, right? No way. There are no windows. Mingshu looked at the Yin Qi on his body and began to run around. She dared not be angry any more. If she was mad, she would be in trouble. She took his hand and floated to the other side. Ling Yan looked back at Xie Hui, who was shivering with his peach wood sword. Can the Mahogany Sword kill the two-thousand-year-old monster? – Zhao Desheng is the scum of the Tianshi Realm. Of course, Zhao Desheng was immoral very early, and he thanked Master Hui for his generation. So the younger generation of heavenly teachers actually don’t know each other. But because Xie Hui said that Zhao Desheng was in Anfeng County,endless swimming pool, the older generation of heavenly teachers paid more attention to it and came from all over the country. Look at this posture, at that time Zhao Desheng did wicked things, certainly not small. monalisa.com


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