Quickly wear xt: villain boss attack!

Why do I feel a little terrible when I suddenly stop eating? Xiao Hong flew in from the window with a lingering fear and hid behind Su Tong. What’s wrong with her? Su Tong asked Xiao Hong. Xiao Hong shook her head. “It’s a little scary to have a fight with that strange man.” Su Tong also did not dare to talk to Mingshu, she thought about it, went out of the room to look, saw no one in the kitchen to make a bowl of noodles for Mingshu. She put her face in front of Mingshu and looked at him carefully, “that.” How can you eat this? She doesn’t know how ghosts eat human food. But she’s a good eater. She can basically eat what people can eat. Mingshu casually took a picture of the amulet on it. There are a lot of foodies in the underworld, and they have already worked out how to eat human food anytime and anywhere. Mingshu began to eat noodles, very ordinary noodles, but very delicious, worthy of the woman, not in vain. Is there any more? Mingshu was very hungry. He had a fight with the leprechaun just now, and the whole ghost was almost hungry. “” Su Tong went out to make another bowl. Mingshu finished eating her family’s noodles. Mingshu touched his stomach and sighed, “I want to eat braised pork ribs, braised pig’s feet, braised chicken,fine bubble diffuser, braised pork in brown sauce in the evening..” Mingshu ordered a series of braised dishes. Su Tong’s mouth twitched, “My mother and sister are here at night, so I can’t do it for you.” “Oh.” Mingshu was a little disappointed. “Then do it tomorrow.” Su Tong: “..” Su Tong tidied up the bowl. She took a book and sat opposite Mingshu. She hesitated for a long time. After all, she asked aloud, “Why can you be so close to me?” “Your hedgehog relative?” Ah? It took Su Tong a long time to react. …… No Su Tong shook his head, “Today a heavenly teacher gave me an amulet,filter nozzle, saying that ghosts can’t get close to me.”. But you and Xiao Hong can get close to me. Su Tong suspected that the heavenly teacher was a liar and that her mother had been cheated. I’m not just any ghost. Mingshu smiled. “That’s just a fierce ghost over there, not an ordinary ghost.” Of course, Su Tong knew that Xiao Hong was a fierce ghost, but these days Xiao Hong always hid behind her, and she suspected that it was a fake fierce ghost. Let me see your amulet. Su Tong hesitated and pulled out the amulet from his neck. It’s like a bad street amulet, but Mingshu can see that there should be something else in it. As a civil servant of the underworld, ordinary things are useless to her, and Xiaohong is probably stained with her breath, in order to get close to Su Tong. Mingshu motioned for her to put it back. “You’d better not touch this thing for Su Rou.” Su Tong blinked, very puzzled, Belt Filter Press ,rotary vacuum disc filters, “why, sister she.” “Just remember what I said. I won’t hurt you.” Mingshu reached out and touched her head with a gentle smile. “You have to cook braised pig’s feet for me.” Su Tong: “..” The first time I heard that ghosts do not harm people is because they can cook. She met a fake ghost, right? Mingshu took a look at a mobile phone and suddenly made a sound, “I have something to do, Xiaohong looked at her, if there is less hair.” You know. Xiao Hong shivered and didn’t want to lose her arms and legs. Are you ghosts so advanced now? Su Tong had not yet recovered from seeing a picture of a ghost touching his mobile phone and asked Xiao Hong in a daze. It’s nothing, but it’s a little expensive. I can’t afford it. The main reason is that she is a fierce ghost, there is no regular channel to buy, illegal channels are too expensive. Su Tong: “..” Mingshu left the room, Mingshu looked at the message from Shen Xianyue and went to the central area of Donghua City. Shen Xianyue waited for her at the gate of a community, carrying a bag of snacks in her hand. Mingshu was very optimistic about Shen Xianyue and spoke gently. “What’s wrong?” I.. One of my partners is dead, and now the police suspect my brother, and I find something wrong. Shen Xianyue tried to speak in a normal tone, but Mingshu still heard the tension in her tone. Shen Xianyue’s eyes fell on Mingshu’s hand. “My Lord, are you hurt?” Mingshu looked at his hand and said indifferently, “It’s a minor injury.”. Take me to see it. Shen Xianyue saw that Mingshu was reluctant to say, stared at her hand several times, then withdrew his line of sight and led Mingshu to the community. There was only a seal put on by the police at the door of the room. When Shen Xianyue and Mingshu went in, there was still blood all over the floor. The body was no longer there, but Shen Xianyue had a photo. Like the previous body, it was disemboweled and died in great panic. I wanted to look for his soul, but I didn’t find it. I used the system to check that he was still alive, but I couldn’t find it anyway. “Why do you suspect your brother?” This case Tianshi has been involved, know is not a person to do, is Shen Ying not a person? Shen Xianyue frowned, “because there was my brother’s blood at the scene, and the surveillance also proved that my brother was the only one who came in and out. My brother did fight with the other party, but absolutely did not kill anyone.” “My Lord.” Shen Xianyue’s expression fluctuated a little. “Please help me.” Mingshu sat down on the sofa. “Have you heard about the recent events?” “Mmm.” Just because I heard about it. I suspect this is the same guy who attacked the Yin-Yang Express. Mingshu said slowly, “The Yin Qi nearby is very miscellaneous. I haven’t touched the other party, so I can’t track it.” Shen Xianyue knew this, frowning and staring at the blood on the ground. Nine little strength is inflated. Ha ha ha. The next step is to be abused. So you don’t have to sympathize with anyone now. Two and a half, they are all the same. Jiushao must like Mingshu from the bottom of his heart, and his love is not far away! We have a long way to go. The fourth watch in 2018. I love you guys. Chapter 406 Yin and Yang Express (12). Shen Xianyue and Mingshu had separated in the middle of the night, and she was floating in the silent street. Mingshu suddenly paused and looked at the dark shadow in front of him. He came out of the darkness step by step and went straight to Mingshu before stopping. His eyes fell on Mingshu’s hand and he grabbed her wrist with a sullen face. What are you doing Mingshu shrank his hand and smiled gently. “Do you want to kill me again?” Ling Yan did not make a sound,lamella clarifer, took out a box of Yunnan Baiyao, pinched her hand again, and wiped the medicine on the wound. Mingshu looked at the box of Yunnan Baiyao. How could he not know that Yunnan Baiyao was still doing ghost business across the border before? Do you have a license. khnwatertreatment.com


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