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Luo Jie looked at the mammoth in the distance with a wry smile and said, “Although it is weaker than the mutant earth dragon, it is stronger than us!”! I can feel the power of this guy. “Well,” said the Eagle, “this mammoth beast is very depressing. I don’t think it’s easy to mess with.” The mutant mammoth knocked down a big tree and rolled up the tender leaves with its long nose into its mouth. It stayed for about twenty minutes, then leisurely returned to the forest and gradually disappeared. Tan Laoxi asked, “Did you let it go?”? Twelve, why not fight? Qi Nanshan said, “Fart!”! If you don’t know the situation, how can you fight? You’re not a child anymore. Why are you so impulsive? Look at him. He’s calmer than you. He taught Tan Laoxi a lesson without hesitation and felt much more comfortable. Tan Laoxi felt more depressed and was taught a lesson. Guo Shier ignored Tan Laoxi. He didn’t know that this guy had an annoying nickname in Xifu Gate. He said, “Master, observe first to see if there is a chance. If not, we must look for the next target.” Luo Jie nodded, he agreed with Guo 12 cautious, as the leader of the team, the most taboo is impulse. “All right,” he said, “let’s make camp.” “Stand back a little further and set up camp,” said Guo. “It’s too close to the mutant mammoth.” They retreated a few miles, found a hidden place, and set up a tent. (Guo 12, Luo Jie and Qi Nanshan sit together to discuss the next hunting plan.). The mutant mammoth is very attractive, but it is certainly not easy to catch. Even if they have nine masters, they still feel that they are not strong enough. Tan Laoxi saw three people in the discussion, can not help but run over. The Eagle Devil and others also came and sat together. “What do you think?” Guo said? Ha ha,Agate Slabs Countertops, one person is short, two people are long. Tan Laoxi says: “Very simple, set a trap, let what mammoth trap, we kill again come out, hey..” He said triumphantly. Guo 12 couldn’t help rolling his eyes. He said, “You’ve seen that mutant mammoth. It’s at least a dozen meters long. It’s huge and powerful. It breaks a big tree as soon as it hits it. Excuse me, Mr. Tan..” What kind of trap are you going to set? Under absolute power, no trap will work! “Of course..” If you have the ability to dig a big hole with a diameter of 50 meters and a depth of 30 meters,Marble Granite Price, lay a board on it, disguise it as the ground, and then lure the mutant mammoth beast to the top, hey, there may be a little hope, but.. It’s impossible for us to do it! Tan Laoxi wanted to refute, thought carefully, and closed his mouth again. This kind of trap is really not easy to handle. Luo Jie said, “The trap can be removed. Do you have any other ideas?” People began to have a heated discussion, and soon everyone showed that there was no good way. According to Guo Shier, when a mutant symbol beast has absolute power, most of the plots and tricks will not work on it. Guo Shier said, “If there is an amulet beast similar to the mutant mammoth beast, hehe, lead it to the territory of the mammoth beast, will they fight?”? If we’re on the side.. Fanning the flames may benefit the fisherman, but the precondition is.. Near the Mammoth’s territory, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Marble Projects, there is another powerful mutant. “It’s not easy,” said Luo Jie. There are several prerequisites. First, there must be a mutant beast with the same strength as the mammoth beast. Second, it must be near the mammoth beast’s territory. Third, who will lure it over? Fourth, they must fight to the death instead of giving in as soon as they meet. Fifth, even if two mutant beasts fight, it is unlikely that both sides will lose.. Guo 12 can not help but wry smile, the master is right, there are too many variables, it is not easy to achieve the goal. Qi Nanshan said, “Don’t worry. Hehe, the mutant charms are always the most difficult to hunt. We still have enough time to find a way.” Tan Laoxi muttered, “No fight..” Damn, how do you know you can’t beat him? Think of something useless. His voice was very low, but everyone could hear him clearly. Guo Shier’s heart moved and he said, “Uncle Tan’s words are reasonable. We were frightened by the shape and strength of the mammoth. In fact..” You can test it and see how powerful it is, maybe it doesn’t matter at all. Well, even if we can’t beat it, we can lure it and take it to the territory of other mutant beasts. Luo Jie’s eyes lit up. He nodded and said, “Yes, twelve, you command. Let’s go and test it.” Look at how good this guy is. The mammoth is tall and strong. It shouldn’t be fast enough. Tan Laoxi became proud and said, “Yes, I’m right!” Guo Shier said, “Shifu and I, Grandpa Nanshan, Uncle Yingmo, Uncle Luo, Uncle Xiaofeng, Uncle Luojing and Uncle Tan, eight of us will go together. Sister Lan will stay in the camp.”. Well, Grandpa Nanshan will go to reconnoitre first. Even if he wants to do it, he will have to wait until tomorrow morning. We will rest first. Qi Nanshan said, “Well, I’m going to look for the mammoth’s nest first.” He turned and left. Tan Laoxi approached Guo 12 with a smile on his face. Guo 12 frowned and said, “Uncle Tan, don’t even think about it..” There’s no way! “Twelve,” said Luo Jieqi, “what are you talking about?” Tan Laoxi looked bitter and asked, “Twelve, how do you know?” Guo 12 is not polite to him at all, say: “You pout buttock, I know what shit you pull!” “Lao Luo,” said Tan Laoxi, “your disciple said rude words.” “It’s not a rude word,” said Luo Jie. “It’s a compliment!”! Twelve, what does he want? “Ask him,” said Guo Shier. Tan Laoxi said with grievance: “Lao Luo, Mr. Luo, I am wronged.” I didn’t say anything, he said no way, and told me not to think about anything. What am I thinking. Holding back a laugh, Guo Shier said,Calacatta Quartz Slab, “That’s what you said. Since you didn’t think about anything, go and prepare. At least you have the support of a group of snow wolves. Hey, I hope you will contribute.” 。


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