Spindle Motor Manufacturer teaches you how to control spindle motor operation error rate

Today, global spindle motors are mainly concentrated in China, Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Korea and other countries and regions. As the world’s major spindle motor market, China is in a rapid development stage, with the rapid expansion of production capacity. And for spindle motors, reducing the operation error rate has become a public concern.

As a professional Spindle Motor Manufacturer, here are three points to tell you how to reduce the error rate.

(1) we have to follow the corresponding requirements to connect the spindle motor inlet and outlet pipes and see if he has no water leakage from the start-up until the shutdown. The cooling system should be in continuous operation; the coolant has to use a separate tank every month to replace the coolant.

We have to match the power, frequency and voltage of the inverter and the electric spindle, and the current of the inverter should be set according to the current of the spindle motor;

(2) spindle motor at the time of loading, we have to clean the tapered hole on his head, but also the spring chuck surface dirt cleaned off, to effectively prevent the decline in precision.

We should be careful not to use excessive force to clamp the spindle motor nut. In addition to contact ball bearings, he has a speed limit, so the spindle motor is not allowed to Overspeed. If Overspeed, that will be the precision contactor bearings to burn;

(3) If we hear an abnormal sound inside the spindle motor, then we have to check and touch the electric spindle to ensure it has no heat or vibration. If there is that, we have to shut down the machine to check and see if the processing quality is stable.

The above simple introduction helps you control the spindle motor operation error rate from three aspects. With the staff’s skilled skills, I believe that can greatly reduce the error rate and provide protection for the spindle motor. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!


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