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Doctor Ge sighed, “Madam, I’m afraid there are only three years left.” Chu Sui is young and vigorous, and should recover the fastest. Chu Ying is delicate and weak, and the poisoning coincides with the moon. Fortunately, she only drank a mouthful of tea, and the poisoning was the lightest, so she could recover quickly. Only the wife is unlucky, old age in such a strange poison, is tantamount to adding insult to injury. Grandmother has only three years left? Chu Xing turned to the unconscious grandmother on the bed in disbelief. His cold face was bloodless. He was stunned for a moment. He suddenly knelt down to Ge Shenyi. “Sir, you have excellent medical skills. I beg you to renew my grandmother’s life. Even if you renew it for one more year, I will be grateful.” He lost his mother when he was young, and it was his grandmother who raised him at his knee. His grandmother was confused, but Chu Xing still hoped that his grandmother would live a long life and let him do a few more years of filial piety. As soon as he knelt down, Master Chu’s husband and wife, Chu Sui Chu Xiang, and Wan Shu all knelt down behind him. When Doctor Ge walks in Jianghu, what he fears most is that patients kneel down at every turn. Unable to help Chu Xing, Doctor Ge turned to one side with a headache and said to Chu Xing, “Master Guo, you all get up. Madam Tai is suffering from serious physical losses. I can only guarantee that she will live for another three years even if I try my best. This is still a case of careful recuperation. If Madam Tai has a headache, fever or too much thinking, she can’t even survive for three years. You are really filial.” Just find a way to make her happy for the rest of the day, or kneel down until dark,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, the old man can’t help. He firmly, Chu Xiang did not hold back, threw himself on the bed and hugged his wife and began to cry. Master Chu lowered his head to hide his red eyes. In fact, Mrs. Chu and Wan Shu were not particularly sad, but with her husband by her side, the two women went to bed one after another to shed tears. Listening to the cries of his mother and sister, Chu Sui’s eyes turned red, but thinking of the poison he and his grandmother had been poisoned, Chu Sui’s chest rose and fell violently,304 Stainless Steel Coil, and he did not know where the strength came from. He pulled his elder brother up, stared at him and shouted, “Elder brother, who poisoned him?” Chu Xing slowly raised his eyes, black eyes fixed on his face, the fundus seems to be surging. Chu Sui was stunned, “big.” The word “elder brother” did not come out, but suddenly he got a heavy slap on his face, which made him dizzy and buzzed in his ears. Small Theater: A Nuan: Good girl, go to buy melon seeds! Tangtang: Why does Niang want melon seeds? A Nuan: Watch the play, watch the good play in your father’s house! Chapter 190 190 “Shijin, if you have something to say, don’t hit anyone!” Seeing that her son, who had just woken up from a coma for a few days, was slapped to the ground by Chu Xing, Mrs. Chu suddenly rushed over from the bed and went to help her son with great heartache. Chu was still dizzy and could not take the initiative to cooperate with his mother. Mrs. Chu could not help her alone, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, so she turned around and called her daughter-in-law for help. Wan Shu finally came to her senses in the deafening sound. As soon as she saw that half of Chu’s face was swollen and the corners of her mouth were covered with blood, Wan Shu hated her. While helping her husband, she looked up and angrily rebuked Chu Xing: “Why did eldest brother beat people?” She has lost to Lu Mingyu, but why does Lu Mingyu’s husband still bully people like this? What about Guogongye? He’s just an elder brother. Why did he trample on their second house like this! “Shut up.” Chu Sui said feebly and scolded his wife. He looked up at his elder brother. Chu Xing was too lazy to look at him now. He turned to Master Chu and said, “Uncle, it’s important for Grandmother to recuperate. You take your younger brother back first. We’ll discuss the rest tomorrow morning.” He was cold and stern, and in terms of momentum, the second master of Chu could not compare with his nephew. Although he was very distressed when his son was beaten, he was also a little annoyed that his nephew was too heavy, but for his nephew’s awe-inspiring appearance, the second master of Chu could not put on any elder’s airs. He called Ah Gui, and they helped their son out together. Chu line at this time live off a kill God, even Chu two master all his three points, Chu two lady, Wan Shu no longer dare to have half a complaint, hurried to go out. Only Chu Xiang was bolder, still sitting beside Mrs. Tai’s bed, crying and asking his elder brother, “Elder brother, who poisoned him?”? The second brother is just right, how can you hit him. “Xiangxiang, go back first. I’ll ask Mr. Ge to feel Grandma’s pulse again.” Chu Xing tries to be peaceful and authentic. Chu Xiang did not dare to ask again, nodded, and went away. Chu Xing went to the bed and looked at his haggard and old grandmother, but in his mind he remembered the situation when his grandfather died of illness. When I was a teenager, I sent my parents away one after another, followed my grandfather, and now my grandmother has only three years left. “Birth, old age, illness and death are the cycle of justice. Everyone has to go through this. Guogongye still has at least three years to honor his grandmother. It’s better to cherish the present than to regret the pain.” Doctor Ge came over slowly and patted Chu Xing on the shoulder soothingly. In front of the outsiders, Chu Xing forced himself to calm down and look at his grandmother. He led Ge Shenyi out of the screen and hesitated: “Mr. Ge, in this case, do you think it is more suitable for her to rest if we tell her the truth, or..” Concealing it, Chu Xing was afraid that her grandmother would continue to worry about the trifles at home, but to tell her frankly, could her grandmother bear the blow that she had only three years left? Doctor Ge touched his beard and replied hesitantly, “I dare not say that.”. Some people know that their time is coming, and they will get rid of all their worries and live happily for the rest of their days, but others are afraid to die, and they are uneasy day and night, which leads to the advance of their time. Mrs. Tai is your own grandmother. What kind of old man do you think she is? Chu Xing did not answer this question, but turned around and ordered that no one should reveal Mrs. Tai’s illness. The maids were afraid of him and dared not talk too much. Naturally, Master Chu and others would not take the initiative to tell Mrs. Tai the bad news. This evening Chu Xing did not have dinner, has been in the wife’s bedside guard, Lu Mingyu came to see him, Chu Xing was persuaded to go back. Back in Dingfeng Hall, Lu Mingyu lay alone in bed, unable to calm down for a long time. In her previous life, Mrs. Tai was particularly kind to her, loving her as her own granddaughter. At the beginning of her life, Mrs. Tai also liked her very much. It was not until her aunt entered the palace, which might affect the status of Prince Qing and Princess Qing in the future,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, that Mrs. Tai’s attitude towards her changed. Lu Mingyu also understood that Mrs. Tai’s kindness to her was only because she had taken a fancy to the power and position of her grandfather, the Minister of War. Once the Lu family could not provide help for King Qing, she would become a granddaughter-in-law who could no longer give birth to a son in Mrs. Tai’s eyes. sxthsteel.com


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