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“Wind, do you think he will be our competitors to find people?”? Perhaps the previous explosion process was videotaped by him and released when the time was ripe. Yang Xiwen, who had been silent beside her, interrupted at this time. Her words are not unreasonable, perhaps the other side is trying to use this way to make residents distrust the six degrees, and the things they make can be destroyed by others at will. In this way, there is no sense of security. If this kind of thing is not handled properly, it may even lead to a public relations crisis. Han Feng nodded and said, “I can’t rule out this possibility.”. Just in case, we still have to deal with it positively. Half an hour later, Six Degrees Network announced directly on its official website that a “terrorist attack” had taken place in Six Degrees Space today. The target of the attack was Huangpu Island, the private island of Huangpu Group. More than half of the buildings on the island were blown up.. The Six Degrees Network even provided photos and videos of the entire terrorist attack, and then the Six Degrees Network described in detail the principle of the effect of this terrorist attack, saying that this was mainly due to the fact that the issue of permissions for open programming interfaces was not handled properly. Now that this loophole has been filled, it is unlikely that similar things will happen in the future. However, the Six Degrees Network emphasizes that if the next six If such a situation happens again, it will cause any loss. Six degrees of network situation will be compensated. The first terrorist attack in the virtual world! “Hackers appear in six dimensions!” …… After the official announcement of the news,hot tub wholesale, many media on the Internet reported it one after another, so the news quickly spread throughout the network, and aroused great interest and concern. There are terrorist attacks in the virtual world? And the means of attack or even use bombs to blow up, this is simply a bit inconceivable! While discussing cyber violence and hacker incidents, everyone’s interest also lies in the fact that “the original six-dimensional space can also achieve such an effect through programming!” People began to re-recognize the powerful programming functions of six-dimensional space, some more creative things were created by residents, and even some residents set up a special animation island,4 person jacuzzi, which existed only in some famous animation, while the characters dressed up as those animation characters, even their big moves. These tricks are mainly inspired by the “terrorist attack”, using the light and shadow effects in the six-dimensional space and the programming function of the collision algorithm. Since this is the news reported by the Six Degrees official itself, it is really quite transparent, but everyone automatically ignored the issue of network security in the Six Degrees space, and they all expressed their understanding of it. — The 55th floor of LV building on Wall Street. The plasma TV is showing CNN’s interview with Yang Wen, vice president of Six Degrees Network:.. We are looking for a more effective solution to this kind of accident, and maybe, as in reality, setting up an insurance company is a good solution.. King sat in the boss chair, holding the remote control in one hand and a miniature disk in the other, hot tub spa manufacturers ,endless swim spa, which kept turning, and Alice stood carefully beside him. Watching Yang Xiwen respond appropriately to questions from CNN reporters, he said leisurely that the disk was no longer useful. With that, his right hand flicked lightly, and the miniature disk flew out quietly and fell into the wastepaper basket accurately. Is Second Life going to be released as scheduled? Compared with the past, Alice has a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on her eyes and a noble temperament of office OL. Of course. “King pressed the remote control to turn off the TV, then took out a cigar from the humidor, cut off the head with a cutter, and asked Alice to light it for him. After taking a deep breath, he puffed and said,” Life won’t be so boring with such equal competitors, will it? ” Holding back the choking smell of smoke, Alice continued: “The cracking of the six-dimensional client is almost complete, but there are still a few key algorithms that are not clear. The other side uses a special encryption algorithm, and they can’t complete this task.” “What a bunch of losers.” The king pulled Alice to sit with her eyes closed, buried her hooked nose in her hair, smelled her hair with an intoxicated face, and whispered, “Leave it to me, I’ll take care of it.” At this point, king’s hands held Alice’s breasts tightly, so that she could not help but give a low cry. Know. I see A blush began to appear on Alice’s face. Suddenly, King, who had been burying his head in Alice’s hair, stood up, pushed Alice to the desk in front of him, pressed her on the desktop, grabbed the top of her skirt and tore it hard. “Hiss-” Alice’s seductive buttocks suddenly appeared in front of King’s eyes, only to see a pair of black T-back underwear tightly clamped in the buttocks seam. Take Alice’s legs away, get on the horse directly with a gun, and go in. “Well!” There was a trace of pain on Alice’s face. King did not seem to see the same, while galloping freely, while saying: “Let.” They add.. Fast time, according to the results of cracking, as soon as possible to launch the product.. Um. Give them seven days, and if seven days.. I can’t finish it yet. Speaking of which, king’s body moves quickly. After the frowning brows were stretched out Then he sat back and leaned back in his chair and said slowly, “If you don’t see the product for seven days, let them disappear!” Chapter 184-Cooperation A week later, the virtual world product “Second Life” in the United States also announced that it was open to users all over the world to register. The concept of virtual world promoted by “Second Life” was similar to that of “Six Degrees Space”,endless swim pool, with only a few differences in details. Moreover, Second Life also announced similar policies and regulations as Six Degrees Space. The ownership of the items created by the residents belongs to the residents themselves, and the virtual currency inside can also be exchanged directly with the US dollar.


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