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Han Feng began to pursue Li Shanshan these days. Basically, he had dinner with her every day. Every day when he went to work, he was more energetic than usual. He often had a smile on his face. Yang Xiwen saw these in her eyes, but she was very distressed. Sometimes, Yang Xiwen really wants to walk away, after all, she also knows that feelings of this kind of thing can not be forced, forced together, there will be no happiness, but this in the end everyone knows, when things really fall on their own body, the decision is not so easy. Does he really have no feelings for me? Yang Xiwen asked herself over and over again, but has not been able to get the right answer, judging from the current situation, the probability of a negative answer seems to be larger. Because there is something in the heart, now Yang Xiwen dare not face Han Feng for a long time, there are several times, she directly raised this question to Han Feng, but eventually gave up. She worried, worried that Han Feng said she did not want the answer, so that her only expectations are shattered, now she does not know the answer, at least a little bit of thought. Yang Xiwen and Han Feng have been together for so long,stainless steel tile edging, and they have a deep understanding of each other. It can be said that she is now completely deeply involved. Completely unable to extricate herself, she thought that if she and Han Feng had no results, she would not like anyone in the future. Li Shanshan actually called her several times, but Yang Xiwen used her busy work as an excuse. Without letting her go on, she hung up in a hurry, and when she got home, she turned off her cell phone without giving her any chance to say anything. It can be seen that she is also very distressed now. Maybe it’s because of your own existence? Yang Xiwen thought so. At this time, Liang Jing knocked on the door and came in. Xiwen,aluminum tile edge trim, here are some documents for you to sign. Liang Jing put the folder in his hand on her desk. All right Yang Xiwen returned to her position, took out her pen, did not even look at it, and signed a few names. Liang Jing took it over and looked at it. Then he said, “This one is wrong. You signed in the customer’s signature column.” “Huh?” Yang Xiwen was stunned and found that this was really the case. He said shyly, “Sorry, Brother Liang, I can only trouble you to change a document.” “Never mind, this file has a backup.” Liang Jing gave Yang Xiwen a strange look. Asked, “Xiwen, your mental state is not very good recently.”. Is there something wrong? What’s going on at home? As a result of dealing with each other every day, Liang Jing also found this point. In the past few days, she changed her usual seriousness, often made some small mistakes, and sometimes she was absent-minded in meetings. Brother Liang, thank you for your concern. I’m fine. Maybe I didn’t sleep well yesterday. Liang Jing is a technician. All thoughts are spent on technology, stainless steel edge trim ,tile profile factory, naturally will not care about other things, see her say so, also believed: “to pay more attention to the body, although the work is important, but also to a healthy body to carry out.” “Thank you, I’ll pay attention.” Yang Xiwen was moved to say. After Liang Jing went out, Yang Xiwen sat there and thought about it, and finally made up her mind. She decided not to wait any longer. She asked her face to face whether Han Feng had any feelings for her and whether they were possible. She didn’t want to drag on like this any longer. She had already thought that if Han Feng really said to herself “no feeling at all”, she would choose to disappear and not stay here, so as not to add trouble to them. Want to do, while now I have the courage, so she immediately went out of her office, toward the Han Feng office, but went there only to find that he was not there, so had to come back. Picking up her mobile phone, Yang Xiwen pressed a few keys, and then immediately pressed the end. It’s not formal to say it on the phone, but it’s better to ask it in person. With such a mind, she waited for Han Feng to come back. Within an hour, she went to Han Feng’s office five or six times, but he was still missing. Where the hell is it? She finally couldn’t help dialing Han Feng’s phone. Hello, Xiwen? What’s up Han Feng’s familiar voice came from the other end of the phone. Can I only call you when I have something to do? Yang Xiwen really wanted to ask again, but she held back, because such a scene seemed to have happened too many times. There’s nothing going on. She tried to calm down and asked in a natural tone, “Where are you now?”? When will you go back to the company? “I’m on my way to the company now. I just came out of school. If there’s anything, let’s talk about it face to face.” “Well, all right.” Just got out of school? Did you go to see Shanshan again? Yang Xiwen’s face showed a wry smile, she is now more and more have no confidence in themselves, and so on the answer, seems to have been very clear, there is a need to ask? ———— Of course, it was necessary to hear him say that he did not like himself, and that it was impossible for him to like himself in the future, so that he could give up, said another voice in her heart. Self-contradictory for a long time, when Han Feng was about to arrive at the company, her already exhausted morale was encouraged again, she still wanted to ask, do not ask a clear understanding, how she would not be reconciled, even if the answer is negative, must also hear Han Feng personally speak out, so that even if he left, there would be no hesitation. She simply adjusted her appearance in front of the mirror in the office bathroom, covered up the shadows around her eyes with foundation, and tried to make her mental state look better. Then she walked out of her office. She only waited in Han Feng’s office for a little while, and Han Feng came back with the pirate in his arms, dressed in casual clothes, looking like a boy who had just gone to college. Han Feng saw her waiting for him in his office and asked in surprise, “Is there something wrong with the company?” Yang Xiwen shook her head and said,stainless steel tile trim, “No.” Putting the pirate on the desk, Han Feng looked at her strangely: “Is it really all right?” “Really no, it’s not the company’s business!” Yang Xiwen finished and took a few deep breaths. “I have a personal question to ask you.” 。


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