A hot water tank (also known as a water heater) stores hot water for space heating or residential consumption. The high efficiency insulated hot water tank can keep and store heated hot water for a longer period of time, lowering fuel expenditures. They may have a built-in gas, oil, or electric immersion heating system. Some versions rely on an external heat exchanger, such as a central heating system or warm water from another source of energy. A fossil-fuel burner, electric immersion elements, or a district heating scheme are the most common in the household context. A professional contractor should service, repair, and install your water heater. Many insurance providers will refuse to validate your policy if your system is more than ten years old.

Replacement or installation of a gas hot water tank

Proper procedure must be followed during the installation or replacement of a gas hot water heater service. Our staff has many years of experience installing and replacing gas water heaters. Clients may relax knowing that our team of experts will do the task correctly. The gas hot water heater has the ability to emit excessive amounts of carbon monoxide, which is harmful to human health. As a result, certain checks must be performed to ensure that this does not occur. Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration can handle all of your hot water needs. We install gas, electric, high efficiency, and tankless water heaters for customers all around British Columbia, Canada.Call us today to talk with one of our specialists.



Gas Hot Water Tank Repair


Customers may have issues and require repairs to their hot water tank throughout the course of its life. Choosing a trustworthy contractor, on the other hand, can be difficult. Here are some questions you may ask a contractor to get that peace of mind.


Are they certified by the Technical Safety BC?

Are they qualified to work on gas-powered equipment?

Can they obtain the proper permit?

Our technicians have all received factory training on a wide range of water heater issues. Hence, regardless of the hot water system, our professionals are qualified to detect any issues. We repair hot water tanks for both business and residential customers. Hence, whether you have forty or one hundred and fifty gallons, our crew can assist you.


Gas Hot Water Tank Servicing


Manufacturers have always advised that your hot water tank be serviced once a year. But, doing so will also extend the life of your water tank. Hot water tank servicing is a technical task that should only be performed by a professional. Because you are working with fire, gas, and equipment that has the potential to produce carbon monoxide. All of these are hazardous and can result in serious damage or injury to an individual or the building.


We have the staff, training, and qualifications, so contact us today and chat with a member of our team. Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration offers our workforce the option to get ongoing factory training. They are all classified as heating, cooling, and refrigeration. As a result, we can supply our customers with the necessary competence.



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