Sydney Electrical Upgrades For Your Home

An Electrical panel serves as an entry point for electricity from the local power company, distributing power throughout your house. When you start using high-powered appliances your electrical panel may get strained, causing blown fuses and outages. Which is why Electrical Upgrades at regular interval is recommended by electrical professionals all around the world.


Moving to a new place? Make an appointment at Inlightech to Hire your nearby licensed electrician to check the fuse boxes and panels.


This is crucial when you have moved to an old property with old panels that tend to get overloaded. Apart from panel upgrades, you will require various other electrical service upgrades when you install large appliances and fixtures in your homes, such as a refrigerator, central AC unit, or a hot tub.


It is highly recommended to have your electrical service upgraded when you have your kitchen renovated or whenever you construct a new addition. Under all circumstances even if you aren’t making any changes, your electrical panel may still need an upgrade. In fact, your home may already be showing you that you need an electrical service upgrade such as:

  • Your panel box is making crackling sounds
  • The panels or breakers shows sign of rusting and corrosion
  • Non-grounded (two-pronged) outlets
  • Electrical service conductors usually overheat
  • To protect your appliances, you require surge protectors
  • You need to turn off an appliance to be able to use another

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