The Cosmic Evolver System

“Go!” In the absence of Xuanzi, the strong and domineering Hua Feihua naturally became the leader of the crowd. After several people were silent and meditated for a long time, Hua Feihua said succinctly and forcefully. Say it! Hua Feihua took the lead in flying toward the ancient battlefield, and then landed on the periphery. She stood in a row with several other brothers and said, “Let’s go in separately, each with some people.” Although the ancient battlefield was full of dangers, for Xuanhuang, there were not many threats to their existence. Since it is a treasure hunt inside, it is naturally more efficient to separate. After a while, everyone assigned their teams. There are five teams in total, and the old four, the old five, the old six, and the old ten each lead a pair. The other pair is Hua Feihua and Ye Qianhan. “Xiao Bai!”! Which team are you going in with? Hua Feihua frowned slightly and asked Bai Yun, who had been silent. Well, I’ll go in alone! Bai Yun, who was lost in thought, was startled and then replied directly. The answer surprised the students and they couldn’t understand what Baiyun was thinking. Xiao Bai, what are you crazy about! How dangerous it is to go in alone! Long Anruo was supposed to enter with her father, but she chose to follow these people into the Academy, naturally in order to chat with Baiyun along the way. Hua Feihua also looked at Baiyun doubtfully and waited for his reason. I don’t know! Bai Yun frowned slightly and did not know how to explain. Then he comforted several people and said,smart board whiteboard, “Don’t worry!”! I am stronger than you in the ability to protect myself! “Go!” Hua Feihua stared at the white cloud tightly, then turned his head and said succinctly again. Baiyun is a person of what personality, flowers are not flowers are also some understanding, since the other side said so, there must be something really inconvenient to explain. Elder Martial Sister Hua! Help me protect Anruo girl! Bai Yun grinned at Long Anruo and told Hua Feihua. Little girl, your sister! Your skin is itchy, isn’t it? Long Anruo, who had been somewhat disappointed and worried,smart boards for conference rooms, immediately changed his expression when he heard Baiyun call himself this way, and the pair of black and white apricot eyes stared back viciously. Don’t worry! I’ll take care of this beautiful girl for you! Hua Feihua replied with a smile, and then took the lead in taking several people to the ancient battlefield. Long Anruo rolled his eyes helplessly and stared at Baiyun again before he quickly followed Hua Feihua. Several other people said hello to Baiyun, told him to be careful, and then led the team to the depths of the ancient battlefield. After watching these people enter the ancient battlefield from different directions, Baiyun withdrew his sight and went directly into the space of “Cosmic Evolver”. After a few breaths, he retreated and then headed for the mission. Side quest: Go alone to get the Taishi. Task Reward: 5000 Evolution Points When Baiyun just stepped into the ancient battlefield, he had already received the prompt of the task. The reason for acting alone was naturally for this “special” task. The task was clearly written “alone”. Although I don’t know if I can finish it with the help of others, it’s better to finish it alone for the sake of caution. After all, this task reward is generous. As for saying that this task is “special”, it is because this task is an “item” task. Chapter 107 enter the ancient battlefield. In the ancient town of Hongyuan, about 50,000 practitioners entered the ancient battlefield, while in other places, interactive boards for classrooms ,65 inch smart board, there were also large or small assembly areas, which also entered the ancient battlefield together. At this moment, the number of people in the entire ancient battlefield has exceeded one hundred thousand. But for the vast wasteland of red earth, one hundred thousand people can only be regarded as a relatively large spray. Puff! Somewhere in the ancient battlefield, Baiyun, holding a rusty trident, brazenly plunged into a fierce beast with a body four or five feet long, splashing black blood fog all over the sky. Roar ~! This fierce beast looks like an ancient giant crocodile. It is wrapped in a rough and hard shell. Xuanwangjing can’t break its defense at all. On the trident of the white cloud, the golden awn is bright, abruptly inserted into the depth of nearly a foot, the giant crocodile of pain hisses constantly, and the steel-like tail sweeps to the white cloud in an instant. Poof! He stepped back quickly, dodged the thunderous tail, and immediately turned over and jumped on the back of the fierce beast. White cloud’s hands tightly hold the rusty trident, like a thunderbolt straight down, into the flesh three points. Just as the beast howled in pain and was about to roll down the clouds. The white cloud held the hands of the trident handle, and suddenly there was a sound, and the terrible thunder and lightning were flashing. The thunder and lightning were mixed with some strange golden lightning, which rushed into the wound along the trident in an instant. The fierce beast, four or five feet long, was full of thunder. It didn’t even have time to scream. After pumping a few times, it lost its vitality. With a click, the trident in Baiyun’s hand was completely broken after hundreds of years of silence. He threw away the broken handle and jumped off the beast’s back with a slight gasp. Baiyun has been in the ancient battlefield for a whole day, probably thousands of miles deep, along the way met fewer and fewer people, but more and more fierce beasts. Counting this fierce beast, he has killed nearly ten in succession, which makes him a little too much, the mysterious gas in the Dantian is about to see the bottom. It was a swamp, and it was from the swamp that the giant crocodile suddenly appeared and attacked the white clouds. However, the raid did not succeed, but was killed by white clouds. It was the middle of the night, the sky was dark, almost invisible, but for Baiyun, it had no effect, in his eyes, there was no difference between night and day. On the damp marshland, the dark and cold breath filled the air, and around the silence, there were strange sounds from time to time, like ghosts crying and wolves howling. When Bai Yun is on the earth, he is very afraid of ghosts. If he has seen or heard a ghost movie one day, he must be able to sleep with the light on at night! As the saying goes, the artist is bold. Although the environment at the moment is horrible and cold, he has no feeling at all. The white cloud frowned slightly, and the golden rays in his eyes swept around. He felt something strange,smart board interactive whiteboard, as if something was staring at him in the dark. Bai Yun’s divinity was suppressed to within a mile, not as far as his eyes could see. After careful observation, he found nothing.


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