The Woman Who Abused the Text and the Beautiful Woman [Wear Quickly]

“Yeah, it’s so boring here. They’re dead.” Xie Yunfu was relieved and held Shen’s warm hand, “It doesn’t matter, there is a bend, even if it is a ruin here, it will not let me not have the courage to live.” Floating, you are more and more good at talking, rest assured, how can I let you live in such a place? You close your eyes and I take you to another place, our fairyland on earth. Xie Yunfu had no doubt at all, even though she felt like she was bound by something, but she believed in Shen Wan. Not long after, Shen Wan woke up in the nutrition warehouse. She first touched a jade bead on her neck and felt a kind breath coming from the jade bead. Her heart relaxed. She touched the watch on her wrist again, and the hands seemed to feel something and turned quickly. It’s done! Shen Wan jumped out of the nutrition warehouse, looked at the evaluation of the task, nodded, very good, readers like her and the floating one. Hand over the task. “OK, do you want to take a new task?” “No.” “Ok, then please also ask the task to return the system 188.” “All right.” Shen Wan took off the earring and handed it to the staff. After receiving the bonus,outdoor spa manufacturers, she saw that the other party was checking the earring, and her heart was beating. “Is that all right?” “No problem, you can leave.” The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who threw the grenade: 1 Mozhu; Thanks to the little angels who threw [land mine]: haze 0.0, wandering Vivian 2; Z, dracule, don’t want to go to prison, complex 1; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Stroll around 31 bottles; Jiu Wo, Ban yuan Jun,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, heybro, fffdsf10 bottles; Round 2 bottles; Yan You Huang, Shi Zhi 1 bottle; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Wake up Along the way, Shen Wan’s little heart was pounding, fearing that she would be found out that she had secretly taken 188 away. Now at this time, she did not want to create complications, to have any dispute, all wait for the old woman to wake up. She’s too busy to have a life of her own, and it’s time for her to take a break. The troubles of the outside world were left to the old woman to solve. Shen Wan drives the spaceship to a place where humans are listed as a dangerous forbidden zone. This place was occupied by the Zerg many years ago. It was originally a waste star with some vagrants living on it. Later, somehow, the Zerg and some dangerous creatures took over the waste star. Around this waste star, there are not only those terrible creatures, but also many poisonous gases. Many years ago, outdoor hot tub ,outdoor endless pool, human beings came to explore, but those who approached, although not dead, did not dare to explore the second time, and gradually, it was listed as a forbidden zone for human beings. The Zerg here are different from those in other places. They will not attack humans on their own initiative. It seems that the gas will not run out. No one dares to come in and study it. The humans on some nearby planets are afraid that they will erupt here and move away slowly. The human beings of the whole star did not know that there was a huge secret hidden on the waste star surrounded by all kinds of dangerous creatures, which was enough to shake the people of the whole star. Shen Wan drove the spaceship to the outside of the waste star and played a trick in the air. The dangerous creatures automatically got out of the way. Those harmful poisonous gases are also leaning to both sides one after another. After she went in, the outside was restored to its original state. On the surface, the waste star was still a waste star, but after another trick fell, a white door rose in front of her, and she jumped down without hesitation. As soon as she came down, she saw an old man dozing in a chair. She went up and knocked him on the head. “Dr. Li, wake up.” The old man suddenly woke up, hurriedly straightened his glasses, saw clearly that it was Shen Wan, and smiled, “Miss Shen, are you back?” “Yes.” “It’s done?” Shen Wan took out a photo and handed it to Dr. Li. “Go ahead and finish it quickly. I’ll wait for you here. I’ll finish the last step.” All right, I’ll go right away. ” Dr. Li excitedly took the photo and rushed to the laboratory. Shen Wan watched his back disappear, the line of sight fell on the wrist wristwatch, watching the pointer constantly trembling, “8 elder brother, wronged you, I will find another container for you.” This wristwatch is very ordinary, except for a small mystery hidden inside, which is an antique. Only such an antique can bring 188 out. Shen Wan turned around in the room and finally found a smart alarm clock. “I think this is not bad. You can go up and stay first. When you are free, what do you like? Let’s order a new one.” Hearing this, 188 moved its position and instantly controlled the smart alarm clock. [188: “Wanwan, where is this?” 】 “A waste star.” [188: “Oh..” After a pause, 188 was a little frustrated. “Wanwan, the skin is gone.” 】 Later, when the old woman wakes up, we will ask her for it. She told me before that she was rich and would support me in the future. It’s not hard to raise a system. Let her raise it together. “Let her give you a group of original artists, you want what skin, what skin, every day is not the same.” 188: Is that still possible? So, did he follow out, eat and wait for death? “Brother 8, you are a little depressed. Are you unhappy?” [188 sighed: “Of course I am very happy to be able to continue with Wanwan.”. It’s just that I can’t play games or visit forums now. It’s a bit boring. 】 Shen Wan thought about it and said, “These are not things, wait for the old woman to come out and help you solve them.” Hear this, 188 a little doubt, his family Wanwan used to be the kind of people who eat and wait for death every day, clothes to stretch out their hands to eat to open their mouths, the reason why so hard to do the task,hot tub manufacturers, will not be to get her long-term meal ticket back? [188: “Wanwan, it sounds like you had a good life in the past. It was supported by someone, and you didn’t have to think for yourself.” 】。


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