Then embarrassed

“Ling Feng saved an old-timer who was walking in Jianghu before. The man insisted on recognizing him as his apprentice, but he never agreed. When he came back this time, he seemed to have gone to find the man. He has been very busy recently. The medicine should be given by the old-timer.” This is a good explanation for the reason why Ling Feng can have such a magical drug. No, I have to let Ling Feng introduce, such a high-end atmosphere of things, where I do not have a foot in the reason. Chunni thought, but did not say it. The next day, when Chunni asked about Ling Feng, he actually pretended to be stupid and talked about him there. It seems that it is impossible not to use the trump card! After Ling Feng left, Chunni sat in the back room with Dongge in her arms trying to find a way. Ling Feng, Ling Feng, you forced me to do this. Chunni made a quick decision. Ling Feng, who had just gone out, could not help but feel a chill in his back and had a bad feeling, while Begonia, who went to the small kitchen to prepare chicken soup for Chunni, sneezed loudly. “Miss Begonia is not feeling well. Why don’t I ask Fu Cai to take two pieces of medicine and fry them for you?” The kitchen aunt asked with concern. Fu Cai is her youngest son, who is currently studying medicine with the government doctor. Their whole family is the son of the general’s family. Guo Mingsheng is also in order to facilitate the service of the army in the future, picked a few clever from the small attendant in the government, let the government doctor take, if there is a war in the future, it can also come in handy. In the next two days, Chunni was even busier than before, and she met several young and capable bodyguards one after another. This makes Ling Feng very puzzled, is the young lady angry,push back racking system, want to find someone to replace their position? After Chunni gave birth to Dongge, Guo Mingsheng arranged Ling Feng for them, and told them that no matter how big the matter was, the safety of their mother and son was the first. Just soon, without his own speculation, Chunni self-explosion intention, she is actually to choose a son-in-law for Begonia! Ling Feng is not anxious, to find Begonia twice, are not interrupted,push back racking system, is her own escape, Ling Feng is not discouraged. Begonia, you say you are so excellent, what kind of man is worthy of you? When Ling Feng finally made up his mind and summoned up his courage to find Chunni, he heard her soliloquy. Fortunately, the young lady has not yet decided on a candidate, and everything is still in time. In this way, the honest Ling Feng, so willing, got into the trap designed by Chunni. Are you sure you really like Begonia? Chunni looked at Ling Feng with critical eyes like a cargo. Yes, and ask the young lady to do it. Ling Feng was pressed by her powerful aura, and she was so nervous that she was at a loss. But where to know, Chunni’s heart has long been happy to be stretched. Rolling her eyes and looking at people with her lower eyelids are all technical work. She can only maintain it for a short time. After a long time, such a difficult expression will be difficult to form perfectly. Forget it, you go back first, I think about it again, this matter also depends on Begonia’s own meaning. Said for a long time, metal racking systems ,industrial racking systems, Chunni vaguely dismissed Ling Feng. When Ling Feng came out of the yard, Chunni sat on the chair, using both hands and feet, just short of singing and dancing. Begonia, did you just see that Ling Feng’s appearance is really too silly. Begonia, who was questioned, blushed shyly and did not know how to respond to his master’s bad taste. Besides, Ling Feng just looked really cute, even hiding in the dark, she could not help laughing, almost laughing out loud. In fact, from the time of the Drunken Fragrance Pavilion, Chunni discovered the strange atmosphere between the two people, the feeling of pink bubbles all the time, which made her much younger. But there were too many bad things at that time, and she didn’t have time to worry about them. Now that she’s finally free, it’s really time to put it on the agenda. She had discussed it with Guo Mingsheng before, but what he meant was that with her happiness, she was somewhat upset. In addition, Ling Feng has offended her again, and the woman who holds a grudge will not let him go easily. In the following days, under the advice of Begonia, Ling Feng finally knew what he had done wrong, not only gave the medicine to Chunni, but also wrote out the formula in detail. Not bad, not bad, children can be taught. Chunni looked at the prescription with neat handwriting in her hand and nodded with satisfaction. “Madam, Begonia.” Ling Feng was a little embarrassed to rub his hands, so that Chunni’s goose bumps dropped a pocket. All right, let’s prepare the betrothal gift first. When Begonia says she will marry, let’s discuss the details. Chunni waved her hand and said with unusual disgust. Can you imagine that Ling Feng, a seven-foot man who was said to have taken the lead on the battlefield before, would rub his hands and wink with a shy face? No matter what he meant by that look, Chunni had already decided that it was a wink. The following time, on the surface to maintain a kind of calm, Chunni also finally got Guo Mingsheng nod, covered for two months finally out of the month. I don’t know if it’s because of the strong genes of his parents, but little Dongge grows very fast and is so smart that he can already look at people’s faces at such a young age. One night, Guo Mingsheng suffocated and felt uncomfortable, sticking to Chunni’s careless hands and feet, the little guy suddenly sneezed and surprised himself, giggling non-stop. Guo Mingsheng just groped out of the ambiguous atmosphere, instantly destroyed, not by some angry, mercilessly glared at him. As a result, the little guy suddenly cried, and it was the kind of heart-rending. Even Guo Mingqian, who lived in the courtyard next door and had just adjusted his facial structure, heard it and thought something had happened. He didn’t even put on his coat and ran over in a hurry. Then embarrassed, the little guy tried to wriggle his body to avoid the sight of the two brothers and move into his mother’s arms, but unfortunately he blushed and did not move. Guo Mingsheng and Guo Mingqian laughed very unkindly, the little guy seemed to be able to distinguish their smiles, wronged to bury his face in Chunni’s arms, ignoring people. This little guy is a drama queen! Guo Mingsheng, who had been stirred up by a good thing,industrial racking systems, said angrily. All right, if you’re busy, go ahead. I’ll play with the kids for a while. 。


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