This monk can’t do it

The anger in my heart can no longer be contained, although I betrayed Shen’er and engaged him at a young age, but this does not mean that I can set the marriage of Rou Lan so hastily, in my heart, my son can naturally be casual, anyway, the worst thing is to let him run away in the future, but my daughter should be spoiled, let alone the ungrateful son of King Qing. Even any son of the royal family of Dayong will not marry my daughter. My Rou Lan will marry a man who loves her like a treasure. How can those royal children with three wives and four concubines deserve to be Rou Lan’s husband. The expression on his face became indifferent. I said lightly, “Your Highness is kind. Zhe is grateful. But Zhe cherishes this daughter most in his life. Her marriage is also her own wish. Now Blue is still young, and it is not convenient to talk about this marriage.” These words did not give King Qing any face. Even I was a little worried that he would fall out. But to my surprise, Li Kang’s expression did not change at all. He said with a smile, “It seems that the son of a dog is not so lucky. Mr. Jiang’s young lady, of course, is precious. She should have a better match.” This sentence seems to be envy and ridicule, but Li Kang said it was very peaceful, I saw that he did not attack, the heart is also secretly relieved, not some regret to invite him, originally for his identity, after all, he is the prince of the Dynasty, the elder brother of Changle,multi disc screw press, but he came, not only let me have an enemy, but also make the internal contradictions of Dayong fall into the eyes of outsiders. It’s a pity that I can’t hinder his face and superficial harmony, so I miss Rou Lan’s life. Looking at the thoughtful look in Lin Bi’s eyes, I also knew that I was afraid that this invitation to her was not worth the loss. It’s just that there’s no regret medicine to eat in the world, and there’s always a way to make up for today’s losses in the future. With a forced smile on my face, I said, “Well,disc air diffuser, Zhen’er, let Shen’er do it quickly. I don’t think he can stand it any longer.” With a gentle smile, Princess Changle put her son on the wooden table and let him act from an early age. Jiang Shen opened his eyes wide, showing a look of joy and curiosity. Just now he was anxious to get those interesting things, but now he refused to reach out and just looked at them carefully. After a while, the baby began to move. He quickly climbed up to the middle and picked up a fragrant cake. I couldn’t help groaning. I heard that if I grabbed the cake first when I grabbed the week, it meant that the child might be lazy in the future, although most of the guests would politely compliment that the child would be well-fed and well-fed in the future. I originally wanted to take off the cake, because Changle’s cake even I can’t put it down, I’m afraid Shen son can’t resist the temptation, but Zhen son said this is the rule, now sure enough, Shen son first went to get the cake. At this time, little Shunzi, who had been standing in silence in the corner of the room, suddenly smiled. I glared at him and said, lamella tube ,fine bubble diffuser, “What are you laughing at?” Li Shun said with a smile, “The young master is really the son of the young master. Didn’t the young master tell the slave that he was the first one to catch cakes when he caught Zhou?” As soon as he said this, there was a moment of silence in the room, and then Li Xian laughed, and the others, although they were in my face, were all smiles. I don’t feel a little embarrassed, but I thought, in this way, others will not laugh at Shen son, although Xiao Shunzi lost my face, but saved Shen son’s face, also considered meritorious. By this time, Shen’er had already put down the cake, turned around with her big eyes, and reached out to pick up the abacus. I trembled in my heart, and then said with a smile, “It’s all right, it’s all right. Jiang has the biggest headache in managing the accounts. If it weren’t for the help of his trusted subordinates in managing the industry, I’m afraid Jiang would have been poor and blank long ago.”. Shen’er will be more shrewd in the future, so as not to ruin the family business. These words are not just comforting. I have the ability to start a business, but managing those trivial accounts is my biggest headache. Fortunately, I have been developing my strengths and avoiding my weaknesses, and I don’t interfere in these things. If Shen’er is smart, at least I don’t have to worry about him becoming a black sheep in the future. Then Shen’er dropped his abacus and reached out his hand to pick up the exquisite sword. I thought with some regret: “Obviously there is a sword, why not take it? Who doesn’t know that people with swords are often both civil and military, but most of them are reckless warriors.”. ” I anxiously circled the table a few times and said bitterly, “Shen’er, what’s the matter with you? You were the second father to pick up the four treasures of the study. Why don’t you like books and ink at all?” All the people in the pavilion laughed. Those who were familiar with me were still laughing. Li Kang, the king of Qing, Lin Bi and Lin Tong all felt funny in their hearts. Unexpectedly, the talented Jiang Suiyun would have such a childish side. But I didn’t pay attention to their looks, and I looked at Shen with all my heart, hoping that he would give me some face. At this time, Shen Er put down his sword and stretched out his hand to the ebony plate. I was so happy that I held my breath for fear of disturbing him. As soon as Shen Er’s little hand swept, the pen, ink, paper and inkstone immediately became a mess, but he stretched out his hand to another plate. I was secretly pleased and said to myself that if I took the book, it would be very good. Sure enough, Shen’er reached for a book and tore it curiously with her little hand. But I just felt a buzz in my brain. I came forward and lifted Shen up by his collar. I shouted, “What’s the matter with you, smelly boy? Although I grabbed a copy of Lao Tzu as my father, the first one took the Analects of Confucius. It’s good for you to hold on to the Diamond Sutra. What’s wrong with you? You want to be a monk. It’s outrageous. Throw this book away quickly.” It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a word. This monk can’t do it. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Princess Changle stepped forward and said, “Suiyun, don’t be impulsive. Taking the sutra is just a predestined relationship with Buddhism. How can you talk about being a monk? Catching Zhou is just a ceremony. How can you take it so seriously?”. Let go quickly and don’t hurt Shen. “Yes, yes,” I said, “I was too impulsive. This boy didn’t give me some face.” Then I looked at Shen’er, worried about whether he would be frightened,disc air diffuser, but it was okay not to look at him. I was dumbfounded when I saw him. Although Shen’er was holding the Diamond Sutra tightly in both hands, his two bound feet were dangling and swinging there. I resentfully tunnel: “The family is unfortunate, how to give such a tired boy.” 。


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