Through the Uchiha Izuna

I raised my forehead and sighed, how did this child’s character become exactly the same as Naruto’s? He was impulsive and did things without detailed thinking. There were three members of the Akatsuki organization present and one of them had just defeated their Lord Wind Shadow. Under such circumstances, would anyone come to us alone? Just now I also thought, this time Kankuro will not catch up with the scorpion like the original, I did not expect. You can’t blame me for this. You asked for it. Now pray that there are Haruno Sakura in Konoha’s reinforcements! “Put down my love,” Kankuro said loudly to us. His hands had begun to untie the scrolls behind him. They were the seal scrolls of puppets. I had seen scorpions take out many of them. If you say put it down, “Deidara said jokingly,” then if we let you die, will you listen to me and commit suicide? Ninjas are getting more and more naive these days, don’t you think, Danna? “Humph.” Scorpion didn’t say too much. I bent over him. “Mr. Scorpion, he is Kankuro, the elder brother of the Wind Shadow of the Five Dynasties. He is a master of puppetry. Speaking of it, he is your younger brother.” I didn’t know that Sarin was still a master of puppetry. “Scorpion’s voice will become hoarse and deep when he is in Liuhu, but this does not affect Kankuro to hear clearly the contempt in Scorpion’s words. Anyone who is looked down upon like this will be very angry. If Naruto’s words, he will probably have rushed up.” What did you say? Sure enough, Kankuro was completely enraged by the scorpion. Since he decided to become a puppet master, Kankuro thought it was a sacred profession. The puppet troops of Sha Ren were also the target of fear in other villages during the war. Now it is no wonder that he was so angry by an outsider. “Look down on our puppet skills of Sha Ren, you will regret it!” After putting down the cruel words, Kankuro spread the three scrolls on his back on the ground in turn. Deidara,liquid bottle filling machine, you go first. It’s our first task to bring the tail back to the base. “Scorpion turned to Deidara and said,” I’ll deal with this guy. It seems that the lovely younger martial brother doesn’t know how to respect his predecessors. ” Well, Dan then you have to come quickly ah, “Deidara said unfortunately, in fact, such a small potato let Dan that hand is really too overqualified, one of his own art can deal with him, but since Dan that want to play is also good,juice filling machine, he can not be a person alone,” you? Are you going back with me first, or will you catch up with Scorpion Dan later? I should thank Deidara, he finally did not forget my existence, “No, I and Mr. Scorpion together, close appreciation of Mr. Scorpion’s art, this is a good opportunity ah”, I have to watch them here, if a scorpion excited to destroy Kankuro, I love Luo even if not dead will hate us, he is the shadow of the wind. If we can really let everyone coexist peacefully in the future, we can’t owe any blood debt now, and Kankuro is still very cute, liquid bottle filling machine ,water filling machine, especially his big cat-like dress, er. What with what ah, I put those who have not driven out of their own minds, these days I like more and more reverie. Deidara curled his lips and whispered, “Well, you have to hurry up.” As he flew away on the big bird, I heard him muttering, “My art is worth appreciating at close range. Compared with Alfy, his brother really has no ability to appreciate art.”. I can’t complain. Is it true that in your eyes, my brother, who likes to play tricks on people, has the cells to appreciate art because he likes to pretend to be tender and eats bean skin sushi all day? As for your art, won’t it really be lost by art if you appreciate it at close range? “You should leave with Deidara, but here will hinder me,” Scorpion said to me, regardless of the posture of Kankuro’s imminent attack, this move and the hot Kankuro was even more dissatisfied, because the other side did not care about his opponent, the Akatsuki organization is really too rampant. “Well..” My brother said let me experience more experience, so as not to lose the face of the organization in the future, so can Mr. Scorpion teach me to deal with it? Spot absolutely did not say these words, he is eager for me to stay in the base all day long, wait for him to conquer the world and then let me out. “Really? I can’t imagine that Alfy loves the organization very much. I really can’t see it at ordinary times. I thought he was the kind of person who doesn’t care about anything.” I have to say that Scorpion’s vision of people is very accurate. Spot’s character is really thin and cool. There is really nothing that can shake him except strength. Am I a special case? Scorpion looked at my thinking expression and said, “But now is not the time to say that. Don’t you want to deal with him? Now go..” “Well?” I was slightly stupefied, and then became clear, “Mr. Scorpion, thank you very much.” If I made a move, I would just trap him in the illusion, and then Scorpion and I would leave. In this way, Kankuro would not have to be half dead for several days by Scorpion’s poison. Besides, Scorpion didn’t really want to kill Kankuro. With his ability, it’s easy to get the life of a fledgling puppet master like Kankuro. You look down on me too much, “Kankuro shouted angrily, and then pressed his palms on the scroll on the ground,” crow, ant, mountain pepper fish! ” I looked back at the calm scorpion, although the whole person was wrapped in the vulture and could not see the expression, but to see that the puppet he had made before was now used by a younger generation, and that younger generation did not know whether he was alive or dead, clamoring to provoke himself, in the scorpion’s view, this is probably an interesting thing. Puppet masters are not suitable for close combat, which is a fact known to all ninjas, so almost every puppet master will have a puppet that can attack and defend in order to protect himself, just like Scorpion’s Liuhu and Kankuro’s Mountain Pepper Fish,bottle blowing machine, and illusion is completely useless for puppets, but it is a great threat to the puppet masters who manipulate these puppets. Kankuro had no defense against me from the beginning, and it was natural that he would fall into my illusion.


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