Tianxin is angry

At the same time, the star field vibrated, and the dark dry Xin and Zheng were frightened. They flew up to the outer space and went straight to the one that had been hit in the three satellites of Yan Lingxing. When they arrived, the powder fog of the day was drifting away. Why is this little thing so fierce?! Zheng Hua took a breath. Nonsense. It takes at least a million years for every fairy to grow up. With such a long time, a fairy who knows how to practice can become a legendary celestial being. Dark dry Xin Liang-jiu sighed, “You also don’t call little things little things, this fairy realm is very high, really count up, you are the little thing.” “Shizu, I..” “For such an alien strong man, even if you are the king of the human world, you must be in awe and not be insulted lightly.” Dark Gan Xin’s tone is light and heavy. “Fairy is a spirit, not a human being. Its spirit is pure as a baby. To measure the spirit by the law of human beings will only lead to a counter-attack and a strong attack.” “But this fairy is a human spirit,” Zheng Hua argued. It’s not important. “Dark Gan Xin shook his head, and a sword-like and non-sword-like magic weapon with brilliant golden light appeared in his hand. The magic formula pinched and turned,” disease “, and the sword-like magic weapon split another satellite of Yan Ling. The magic weapon grew up in the process of moving. In a moment, it was a hundred kilometers away. Suddenly, Dark Gan Xin shouted” open “loudly. In the golden light of the sky, the satellite was cut off by half. Dark Gan Xin a teleportation, Zheng Hua followed,inflatable floating water park, seconds across millions of kilometers near the sky, two people stopped in front of the satellite being cut. Look at the satellite that has gone to one third, dark dry Xin slightly without a little joy, received the golden light, and sent it to Zheng Hua’s hand, “You can take this golden blade.”. Remember, don’t use it lightly. You can do three strikes at most with your skill. If you can cultivate into the realm of fifty immortals and have the power of a hundred strikes,large inflatable water slide, then the blade of striking heaven will really have the initial form of striking heaven, and you can use it freely. “Thank you, Shizu.” Zheng Hua looked at the bright white instrument in the palm of his hand and couldn’t help but be happy. He didn’t care what realm it was. I only know that with this blade, Qi Zong will rank high in the league again. When will Wan Jian Zong raise his troops in the Milky Way? Dark Gan Xin ignored Zheng Hua’s excitement and asked in an unpleasant way. Should be in two years, this period of time, Shizu can move the capital star to point out the disciples inside the door.. “No,” he said, shaking his head. “For nearly two years, I’m going to shut up. Tell that guy. I will be there at that time. And you must deal with the affairs in the door that I told you earlier, which is related to the loss of the Patriarch’s orthodoxy. “Don’t worry, Shizu. Zheng Hua must step up.” ‘All Right. You go back! “All right, Zheng Hua will not disturb Shizu’s retreat.” Zheng Hua moved away, dark dry Xin looked at the quiet starry sky around, a sense of powerlessness rose from the bottom of my heart. He would have been immersed in the great joy of success if there had been no dark spirit to stir up the trouble of the golden blade that he had spent thousands of years refining. Now, seeing the dark spirit of Xuanyin spirit hammer, Inflatable outdoor park ,Inflatable indoor park, he can not like it. Compared with the cold thing, the blade of Yan Jin striking the sky is insignificant and can not be mentioned in the same breath. It gave him a sense of frustration and insignificance. Relative to the dark dry Xin a little gloomy state of mind, Wan Jian Zong’s big brothers are walking in a quiet anger. Although Ke Lingxi is the leader of the Wu Xian Alliance. He was also the suzerain, but when he returned to the clan, his identity did not work at all in the clan mansion. Here, he was the youngest generation. Lin Linqian was born in the Milky Way. It was not so much the shock of the Wu Xian Alliance as the earthquake of Wan Jian Zong. Linlin Qiansheng is one of the ten deacons of Wan Jian Sect. Apart from his own huge family, even his position is enough for him to build a large network of people. Therefore, his death, the loss of his family goes without saying, but also makes many people lose their support. The galactic man. How can you do it! The leader of the Great Alliance, the two countries do not behead each other. Qiansheng is also an envoy sent by our Wuxian Alliance. The Galaxy people actually killed him. How bold.. King, the leader of the alliance, knew that the galactic people were so barbaric. Why should we let Qiansheng go? “Elder Zhenyan, please don’t be so polite. Just call Ling Xi by his name.” Ke Lingxi smiled bitterly in his heart. The envoy, if Linlin Qiansheng was really an envoy, it would be too late for the people of the Milky Way to greet each other upside down. How could he do anything. His heart thought so, but he had to say in a solemn voice, “Deacon Qiansheng died for the alliance, noble character and integrity, the alliance will remember him, and will avenge him.”. You always have any anger. Save it for then. “Boy, people are dead, remember what’s the use.”. The old body is because of remembering, this heart fire is rolling, many days have not been extinguished. If I hadn’t seen Lao Jiu beg, I would have taught you a lesson first. “Ling Xi is willing to accept any punishment, but please let the true face elder calm down, don’t be angry with the body.”. In the future, when the Alliance conquers the galactic civilization, the star system where Deacon Qiansheng fell will be given to the elders to comfort him. When the time comes, the elders will want the nebulae to have no light and heaven and earth to bleed. “That’s more like it. You can talk.” A pair of delicate cut water in the eyes of the cold blood light fade. Lin Lin Zhen Yan, Lin Lin Qian Sheng Zu Gu, is one of the only remaining 60-level elders in the Wan Jian Sect. He leads the Sword Flower Hall and is the supreme in the eyes of hundreds of billions of female disciples of all generations. Ke Lingxi was a child prodigy of the Wan Jian Sect when he was young. Relying on the love of the deceased suzerain Duan Jian Chen, he dared to provoke anyone. Dare to provoke this old aunt. At that time, the old aunt gave the order and surrounded it. The taste of the flowers was very delicious, but he felt terrible. In that world of roses, apart from the fragrance of flowers, he could not see his own kind, nor had any rights, and it took him almost ten years to extricate himself. Now if this old aunt is bad, although it is no longer the pink environment of the past, but his twelve wives are allowed to wear his shoes, and his daughters, who are already the new generation of disciples of the Sword Flower Hall, pull out his beard. How, true face,Inflatable indoor park, I say Ling Xi this boy will give you an explanation! An old man who could not be older laughed and said, “I am in charge of Lao Jiu, and Qiansheng’s position as deacon will be taken over by his uncle!”! This is also a compensation for Ling Xi’s carelessness. “Master said that Elder Martial Brother Rui is the right person.” 。 joyshineinflatables.com


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