Truffleceremony centre in the Netherlands

This article is about Endless Transformation. The Truffle Ceremony Centre in Zwolle, the Netherlands, easily reached by car and public transport from the provinces of Overijssel, Gelderland, Flevoland and Drenthe. For ages, psychedelics, or medicinal plants, are known to be used used to nurture inner growth. In particular truffles, mushrooms, LSA and Ayahuasca. This is to help people gain insight into themselves, to process trauma or to heal. To bring your awareness to another level and to raise your vibration. Truffles are healers. They can help you overcome the obstacles in your life. Another known term for this is psilocybin therapy.

The team at Endless Transformation would like to guide you on this inner and spiritual journey. During your transformation process. We do this in a small atmospheric setting. We offer private ceremonies, duo ceremonies and small group ceremonies (max. 4 people with open registration). In addition, we offer the possibility to have a supervisor, also called a tripsitter, come to your home.


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