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Walking in the castle, Hua Yun carefully looked around everything. The castle is very old, giving people a sense of old, and the castle seems to be intact on the outside, but inside it is extremely dilapidated, and there are many places that seem to have experienced fierce fighting, a mess. On the walls around the castle, there are countless strange and different patterns. The architectural style of all the objects inside is quite different from that of the buildings Huayun saw on the mainland. “” See these strange patterns and architectural styles. As a dwarf, Rick looked at everything around him in surprise and let out a cry of surprise. Surprised for a long time before murmuring: “This.” These architectural styles seem to be the style of the era of the Dragon Empire. No, no, how can the eaves be designed at right angles? The architectural style of the Dragon Empire should be arc-shaped, and the reliefs on the walls should have sharp edges and corners. Since the famous sculptor Master Liao Luo created the flat knife flow, the relief edge cutting on the mainland has all become smooth. The handwriting used in these reliefs must be before the Dragon Empire. Looking at everything around, along the way, Rick’s mouth kept sending out bursts of surprise. As a dwarf, Rick is a fighting dwarf in the clan. Although he is not very proficient in the famous architectural design and weapon forging of the dwarves, he also knows a lot about it. At a glance, he sees that the design of the castle is very old. Ha ha, the dwarves have been very good at forging since ancient times. I didn’t expect that such a long time has passed, and now it is still so extraordinary. Bagnell turned to look at Rick, who was constantly amazed behind him, and said slowly, “You’re right. The history of the Demon King Castle is longer than that of the Dragon Empire. It’s a building built in prehistoric times.” “Prehistoric buildings?” Rick nodded his head clearly. The history of the mainland is divided into four empires, the Dragon Empire, and the prehistoric era. This prehistoric era refers to the era before the catastrophe of the mainland ten thousand years ago. Rick understands that the architectural style of that era is very rough and simple. Now, it is very similar. Demon King Castle? After hearing Bagnell say what the castle is called, Hua Yun’s heart can’t help but jump slightly. In this world,medium duty racking, there is only one person who can be called the demon king. Before that, Hua Yun suspected that the magic man Bagnell said above was related to that. Now the name of this prehistoric castle has deepened Hua Yun’s suspicion, whether it is time or name, what Bagnell said. And the existence of terror are surprisingly similar. Bagnell, what kind of man built such a castle? And why is it called Demon Castle? When you were up there, did the magic man you said have something to do with this? Huayun, who had doubts in his heart, asked directly at the moment. At that moment, Bagnell suddenly stopped and looked up in the direction of the top. After seeing Bagnell’s actions, Huayun and others involuntarily looked up in the direction of Bagnell. Appeared in front of everyone, is a huge hall, on the top of the hall, carved countless reliefs, radio shuttle racking ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, these reliefs carving technology is quite superb, but the content of the display is extremely terrible, countless people covered with scales, ferocious race with weapons, toward the end of the hall in the direction of worship, look solemn. These reliefs are lifelike, and all eyes are focused on the end of the hall, where a huge black stone chair, like a throne in the palace, overlooks the whole hall. The structure of the whole hall is very strange, and the lifelike reliefs on the top give people a sense of fear. Shabranigu! Bagnell, who had been standing there without speaking, suddenly said, “This is the name of the demon king, Shabranigu, and the monsters on the reliefs are the magic men I’m talking about.”. ” “Shabranigu?” Hearing the name, Huayun, Rick and Anya looked puzzled. They had never heard the name before, and when Luna heard the name, an exclamation suddenly came out of her mouth. Luna, have you ever heard of that name? For a moment, Hua Yun and others all put their eyes on the exclaimed Luna, and that Bagnell, also curiously looked at Luna, the name, even thousands of years ago, the mainland has heard of few people, he did not believe that Luna this little girl would have heard of. Brother Huayun, I also heard this name from my grandmother. Shabranigu is the red-eyed demon king, the initiator of the catastrophe ten thousand years ago. From Luna’s mouth, he said something that shocked Hua Yun and them. Sure enough. “” Hua Yun murmured subconsciously. Yes, Shabranigu is the demon king who tried to destroy all the races on this continent ten thousand years ago, and this is the base camp of Shabranigu. Ten thousand years ago, the seven sword gods of human beings and Shabranogu fought a life-and-death battle in this place, defeated the army of Shabranogu, and sealed Shabranegu. “Seal?”? Wasn’t the Demon King finally destroyed? Hua Yun spoke out. Destroyed? How interesting Bagnell could not help laughing: “At the beginning, the Seven Sword Gods were indeed the strongest in the human world, but the Demon King Shabranigu was the strongest in the alien plane. The Seven Sword Gods tried their best to seal the Demon King Shabranigu. The seal was here.” At this point, Bagnell paused slightly and said, “And the reason why my master and I are here is because my master promised others to guard here. In the battle ten thousand years ago, the Demon King’s men were not all destroyed. For ten thousand years, these magic men all wanted to release the Demon King Shabranigu from the seal.” Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine crazy sea people. While Hua Yun was still talking with Bagnell in the Demon King Castle under the ruins of death, on the wall of Longji Fortress of the Carton Empire, Marshal Patton,heavy duty cantilever racks, the front-line commander of the Carton Empire, was sitting in his study, checking the front-line battle reports compiled by the adjutant one by one according to the daily routine. kingmoreracking.com


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