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It can be said that among the fish people, the value of a general is definitely better than a billion ordinary fish people. And this time the harvest, in addition to Zhou Tian they first killed the commander of the fish people can be compared with it, the killing of those ordinary fish people compared with this harvest, that there is no comparability. Mermaid king happy Zhou Tian understands, in fact, can let those fish people suffer some hardships, Zhou Tian’s mood is also good. But compared to the mermaid king, Zhou Tian is more attention, after his action this time, the fish side will do a kind of reaction. All hegemonic forces, in general, believe in the law of power, according to the forces of those fish people at the bottom of the sea, Zhou Tian estimates that they will not be an exception. In this case, in the eyes of those fish people, it is right for them to beat people, but if others want to beat them, it is intolerable for them. Not only did Zhou Tian make trouble under their influence again and again, but now, in the course of their encirclement and suppression,artificial coconut palm trees, Zhou Tian and his party were not exterminated by them, but instead attacked the fish army who came to encircle and suppress them several times. In such a situation, Zhou Tian believed that the fish people must be very angry, and then the actions of the fish people, it is estimated that it should be their revenge on Zhou Tian. Yes, now the sea country where they are has come to encircle and suppress them with all their strength. It is reasonable to say that no matter how angry they are, it is impossible for the sea country to send a stronger force to deal with them. However, Zhou Tian they are facing the whole fish people,decorative palm trees, even if the sea country does not have the ability to send more troops to come over, other fish people sea country, but also absolutely have the ability to help them. It sounds incredible, but on land, if a country encounters this kind of thing, then the other countries around him will be kind if they don’t take advantage of the situation, and it’s almost impossible to send troops to help them. But it is this seemingly impossible thing that Zhou Tian, after collecting some information about the fish people from the Mermaid King, speculates that it will probably happen at that time. At this time, the fish people are divided into hundreds or even thousands of sea countries, but as far as the mermaid king is concerned, the real decision-making level of the whole fish people is not the king of those sea countries, but the elders of the fish people. According to Zhou Tian’s information from the Mermaid King, the reason why the Mermaid Clan split into what it is now after defeating the Mermaid Clan and becoming the overlord of the sea should be that they have their own plans. The reproductive capacity of fish people is like that of sea fish, which generally do not produce offspring, silk cherry blossom tree ,artificial plant wall panels, but there are thousands of them in their lifetime. Although such a situation makes the army sources of soldiers do not need to worry about the top level of the fish people. But similarly, because of the rapid reproduction of the fish people, when the number of fish people increases, the source of food becomes a major problem for the fish people. The sea floor is very big. But no matter how large the area is, it is ultimately limited, and in this limited area, the number of fish people that can be fed is also limited. Perhaps those ordinary fish people will not think too much, they only know the instinctive life, as long as they will not starve to death, they will be slaves will not have any complaints. But those ordinary fish people will not consider these issues, which does not mean that the top level of those fish people will not consider these issues. At the beginning, the sea area they occupied had no problem feeding all the people, and it could even be said that it was more than enough. However, when the population reaches its limit, they are bound to invade more sea areas, not to mention that there are not too many suitable sea areas for them to occupy, even if there are, their behavior will certainly force other creatures on the seabed to their enemies. Not to mention whether the fish people can defeat the alliance of other creatures at the bottom of the sea, that is to say, the fish people really won the final victory, after occupying the territory of those creatures, according to the breeding rate of the fish people, it is estimated that at most a few years, maybe they will face the same problem. If there is no place to occupy at the bottom of the sea, go to the surface of the sea. If there is no place on the surface of the sea, go to a different plane. As long as you think about it a little bit, you can see that if they don’t solve the problem of food, sooner or later, if they don’t die in the war, they will destroy themselves. Therefore, the fish people will also split their entire ethnic group into many sea countries, and there will be some wars between the sea countries from time to time. This can not only consume a certain number of ordinary fish people through war, so that the number of fish people has been maintained above a corresponding number, at the same time, through a war, the fish people can also eliminate a large number of strong people. Zhou Tian has already seen the power of the sea country, but Zhou Tian has not yet dealt with the real core of the fish people, the terminal combat power of the fish people controlled by the Council of Elders. According to Zhou Tian their threat to the fish people, Zhou Tian believes that not only the present sea country, but also the whole fish people, it is estimated that he will not survive all the time. In such a situation, if the sea country can cope with it now, as a detached existence, the elders of the fish people will not have any action. But when the fish people sea country is now no way to take Zhou Tian, then the elders of the fish people, but it is also afraid that it can not help but make a move. If the elders of the fish people really have the kind of power that the mermaid king said, then Zhou Tian can estimate that in the near future, they will not only usher in the joint encirclement and suppression of several other fish people’s sea country armies,outdoor ficus tree, but even some of the strong fish people in the hands of the elders of the fish people may also participate in their encirclement and suppression. Although it was just some speculation, when Zhou Tian thought that he might face such an opponent next, Zhou Tian’s mood would not be better in any case. hacartificialtree.com


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