Villain and Villain Married [Wear Book]

The scene they are about to shoot is the first act of the drama “Countercurrent”, which is very important. Director Li Zhiye hopes to make the undercurrent and tension of spy war films, and the requirements for Li Xinghe and Si Haolan are very high. The two men came out side by side, also dressed in formal clothes, but Si Haolan’s hat was a little crooked, holding a whip in his hand; Li Xinghe was wearing a fur coat, the whole person was serious and upright. Si Haolan played with the whip, playing with a sudden pause, at this time attracted the attention of Li Xinghe. When Li Xinghe looked sideways, Si Haolan said in an evil and mocking tone: “I heard that news came from the office of the South Station that a key person had been caught, but unfortunately he had not been able to pry something out of his mouth and killed him, but it was rumored that the person had a list.” Li Xinghe bowed his head and smiled, as if Si Haolan was telling a joke and responded: “Every time I catch someone, I will say that there is such a list. The list disappears and appears all of a sudden. So whether there is or not, I will make a report when there is a letter.” Si Haolan was noncommittal, but jerked his whip and said, “Even if I don’t have it, I can become one.” He looked at Li Xinghe with a fierce look in his eyes. “I’d rather kill more than let go.” Originally at this time Li Xinghe should be calm, to frighten the audience, but Li Xinghe also shrank his shoulders. I don’t know if it was because of the overcoat on a hot day,Inflatable mechanical bull, he looked at Si Haolan’s face, sweat oozed from his forehead, his lips were tightly closed, and even his eyes could not stay there for too long, and then he moved away. Card! Li Zhiye shouted to stop, frowning and said to Li Xinghe, “How can your momentum be suppressed? You have to remember that you are a decent protagonist. You can’t be upstaged by the villain. Come again.” Si Haolan raised his eyebrows, and Li Xinghe rubbed his eyebrows and cheered up to continue acting. Stop Li Zhiye came down directly from the director’s chair and went to the side of Li Xinghe. He said to him,Inflatable water obstacle course, “At this time, you have already begun to plan how to protect our colleagues. You are secretly calculating Xiao Si. You must show firm determination and not shrink back.” 40. Young master and cat 2 Happy New Year Machin touched Si Haolan’s forehead and said, “It seems so.” Mei butler hurriedly helped Si Haolan to Colin’s bed, let him lie flat, then turned around and poured a glass of water, handed Si Haolan to drink, Colin watched from the beginning to the end. Out of Colin, Si Haolan felt much better. After drinking a glass of water, he went back to bed and said feebly, “Let me have a rest. You all go.” Collin looked at the collapsed Si Haolan, eyes flashed something inexplicable, said: “Since the disease why not say earlier.” Si Haolan thought, you are the cause of the disease, but can not say. Si Haolan closed his eyes and wanted to have a rest. Just now his heart beat too fast and he was too tired. He said, Inflatable water park on lake ,inflatable air dancer, “Don’t be wordy. I have a headache because of the noise. I’ll be alone later.” As long as he did not touch Colin, the blood on Si Haolan’s face gradually receded, and he looked much better than before. Machin and Collin looked at each other. Machin got up to hold Collin’s wheelchair. They left the bedroom together. Machin pushed Colin to the dining room. After a moment’s hesitation, he said to Colin, “Sir, don’t bully Master Si too much.” May’s housekeeper, who had been living in the house with Colin, had become more like a relative than a master and servant. He was more than ten years older than Colin, and had a little responsibility to lead young people. Sometimes he would think about giving Colin some advice. Like right now. Read some strange novels, but you can’t put the contents of the book into practice to bully Si Haolan. Colin was not angry, but the expression on his face was very strange. He asked Mei’s housekeeper, “Why do you always think I’m bullying him? In fact, I just asked him to rub my legs and feet for me.” Machin was stunned. It was Machin’s duty to massage Colin’s legs every day. Colin was still young and arrogant. He was very concerned about his legs. He usually covered his legs with a blanket and did not like people’s attention. I didn’t expect Colin to let Si Haolan give him a massage. Machin’s mood is a little complicated, feeling like a mother-in-law who married a daughter-in-law when her son grew up. “Anyway, he has a lot of energy and always runs outside. It’s better to spend some energy on me.” Colin leaned comfortably in his wheelchair, although his legs were unconscious, but looking at Si Haolan’s slender fingers pressing on his muscles made him feel satisfied. “Anyway, it’s natural for a wife to massage her husband.” Machin thought to himself that you weren’t married yet, and that it wasn’t bullying. He shook his head helplessly, but couldn’t help smiling. Since Master Si came, the house has been much more lively. As Si Haolan himself said, he recovered in a moment, but he was lying in bed in the aftertaste. It was really strange that he felt that the dead pervert needed to be beaten, and at the same time he couldn’t help wanting to be close. As soon as he got close, he was fascinated by Colin as if he had been poisoned. Si Haolan thought and was too lazy to think, and quickly jumped out of bed. Actually, the main thing is that he is hungry. He came to the restaurant, Machin and Colin are waiting for him, Si Haolan dare not look at Colin, the whole eyes drift. Three people sitting in the dining room, Mei butler worried about Si Haolan’s body, lunch is still very light, Si Haolan are too lazy to protest, mechanically grilled rice. He misses pizza and steak. Speaking of pizza and steak, he remembered that he was going to drive to the tooth sacrifice, and then talked about the car. Si Haolan pounded the table and shouted, “It’s over. I forgot my men!” At this moment, his man, poor Martha, was lying in the back seat of the Cayenne, waiting for hours with the screen flashing: “Why hasn’t the master come back yet?” In the afternoon, Machin went to pick up Martha. Martha was tied up by a seat belt for a long time. Si Haolan felt a little guilty when he saw her. But the loyal maid, regardless of the past, did not care that she had been completely forgotten by Si Haolan, and still listened to him. In order to make up for Martha, Si Haolan followed her and talked to her all afternoon,Jumping castle with slide, but in the evening, Si Haolan picked up Martha and put her outside, then went into the house and closed the door to sleep.


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