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Even the dark professionals are not willing to make enemies with the strong at will, even because the dark professionals are all unscrupulous people for the sake of strength, but it makes them worship the strong more. Under such circumstances, after confirming that Zhou Tian is a strong man, how can those dark professionals dare to offend Zhou Tian easily. Even not only did not offend the meaning of Zhou Tian, some of the dark professionals who were not very happy, but since they also took the initiative to find Zhou Tian, Qi Qi expressed his intention to take refuge in him. Zhou Tian naturally did not accept those dark professionals! After all, Zhou Tian is still a bishop outside, and if people know that there are dark professionals under him in the future, it will not be good for Zhou Tian’s reputation. However, although Zhou Tian did not accept those people, but because of the reasons of those dark professionals, but also got a lot of information they want to know. In the past, Zhou Tian only got some basic information about the Black Blood Plateau outside, because few people who entered the Black Blood Plateau could leave alive, but it made the information of the Black blood Plateau rarely spread out. And Zhou Tian now entered the black blood plateau, so some of the original information can not be found, this time is naturally also very easy to find out. Because of the numerous dark professionals in the Black Blood Plateau who are not convinced of the reasons, so it is not to let them unify a huge force. In the black blood plateau,large palm trees for sale, as long as you have the strength, then you can recruit at will, as long as you are confident that you can suppress your own men, not afraid of their betrayal, then you can build up your own forces. Generally, when a creature occupies a certain place, it can set rules at will in that place. In that area, his words were the absolute law. If he said that people were not allowed to kill,artificial grass panels, he would not dare to kill people at will. If he said that all people had to pay taxes, then all the people in that area had to pay taxes honestly. It seems that the power of the dark professions is very similar to that of the kings outside, but one difference is that the kings are hereditary. And in this black blood plateau, hereditary this kind of thing simply does not exist, have the strength you can always sit on the throne, and if you do not have the strength, don’t say to let his son after listening to his words, I am afraid that even if he himself, when the strength is weak, may die in the hands of his men. To be honest, when listening to the Black Blood Plateau is such an environment, Zhou Tian has only one feeling, that is, cool! An environment like the Black Blood Plateau is believed to be an attractive place for anyone with a little strength. The weak hope to be able to pass the rules to protect their interests, large artificial blossom trees ,silk olive tree, but the strong, naturally, also hope to rely on their strength to get more. In the outside world, although the strong can get many benefits and powers that the weak can’t get, they are restricted by some rules, and sometimes the strong have to accept some restrictions, so they can’t really do anything they want to do at will. Only in this black-blooded plateau, you can do whatever you want, as long as you have the strength, even if all the people under you believe in the Demon God, no one will jump out to oppose it. In the heart a move, Zhou Tian suddenly thought of what, but after shaking his head, thought of his original purpose to the black blood high this time, Zhou Tian also threw out the kind of idea in his mind. And continued toward the nearest dark professional gathering point, or the ruling area of a dark professional. Chapter 143 the Venerable Joy. Chapter 143 the Venerable Joy. “This is the domain of the Venerable Joy. Who are you to trespass?” Finally arrived at a place where he could have a rest, but Zhou Tian did not think that without waiting for him to go in, he was directly blocked from going. 《. Genius just needs 3 seconds to remember) Frowning, Zhou Tian held back his anger and looked at the man and asked, “Since no one is allowed to go in, what’s the matter with those people inside?” “Hum, those people, like me, are subordinates of the Venerable Joy, and naturally they can go inside to rest.”. Boy, if you don’t want to die in the night of the blood moon, then show your strength and take refuge in the Venerable Joy, otherwise, you will catch a hundred virgin boys and girls to come and offer sacrifices. I believe that as long as your offerings are of good quality, the Venerable Joy will also take you in. “The night of the blood moon?” Zhou Tian seemed to have heard of the word, but because he didn’t care about it, he didn’t take it to heart. Now heard the word again from the mouth of the subordinates of the Venerable Joy, Zhou Tian could not help wondering what the so-called night of the blood moon represented? “An outsider?” Seeing Zhou Tian’s performance, the subordinates of the Venerable Joy frowned, but without saying a word, they pulled out their weapons and cut Zhou Tian in the past. Dang! The man’s attack was naturally directly blocked by Yunluo Xianjia on Zhou Tian’s body. After looking at the man helplessly, Zhou Tian was puzzled and asked, “Why did you attack me?” “The Venerable Joy has an order to kill all outsiders!” Say that finish, also regardless of their own strength to deal with Zhou Tian, the man again mentioned his weapon, then also toward Zhou Tian cut the past. However, this time his attack is doomed to be impossible to fall on the body of Zhou Tian. For the first time, it can be said that the other side’s behavior was too sudden, and Zhou Tian was not prepared. But if the same attack will be hit by the other side for the second time, that is Zhou Tian’s own problem. Zhou Tian did not have the habit of being abused, even if the other side’s attack could not hurt him at all,fake blossom tree, but Zhou Tian still could not like being cut down, so when the man was ready to launch a second attack on Zhou Tian, Zhou Tian took the initiative and directly launched a counterattack against him. hacartificialtree.com


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