At the moment when the door opened, I was pushed by the crowd behind me and staggered into the house, squeezed in front of a vending machine specializing in a nutritional drink. The nutritional drink became the focus of attention with the explicit advertising slogan “If you die, you can’t work”, but I didn’t like it very much. But now the lounge is crowded with people, unable to queue up again in front of the vending machine specializing in coffee, so they have to admit their bad luck and buy a bottle of “dead..” Drinks are done. At this moment, I heard the cry of “Don’t get close, don’t get close”, which was the voice of the old guard just now. He knelt on one knee beside the man lying prone on the ground, examined his face carefully, and after a while, he said, “Wow!” Cried out with a loud cry. Hey, hurry to call an ambulance, this man seems to be dead! There was a commotion, and several workers on the side of the old guard stepped back in unison. I sipped, “When I die..” Drinks, trembling to look at the man lying on the ground. I took one look and the drink came out of my mouth. Hey, what’s the matter with you? You’re so dirty! The old guard said angrily. This, this, this, I know this man. He is our chief of the unit. I said with a cough. 2 I like to play with mechanical products since I was a child, and I am determined to be an engineer. I always feel that this title has a sacred meaning, full of the wisdom and courage of the pioneers. After high school, this illusion was completely shattered, and engineers were only regarded as ordinary technicians. But even so,x52 line pipe, my desire to become an engineer has never wavered. After I graduated from college in April this year, I found a job with one of Japan’s leading auto parts manufacturers. The company’s annual sales amount of 20 trillion yen, the number of employees as many as 40,000 people, the scale is quite large. Of course, the parents are also very satisfied. After a month of training, more than 300 new employees, including me, were assigned to various departments. I came to the second system section of the production equipment development department, which is mainly responsible for the production equipment of the manufacturing plant. There are only ten members in the department, including the section chief, the section chief and the ordinary staff, and they are very capable. Chief Lin Tian is my mentor. He was about thirty-five years old, with a baby face, 347 stainless steel ,321 stainless steel sheet, a fair complexion, and a slightly frightened look in his eyes. I can almost imagine his innocent childhood, reading books all day and blushing at every turn. If you ask me, the most important asset of a company is its reputation. This is the first thing Mr. Lin Tian said to me. That is to say, as long as the boss shows the official seal, the subordinates will not have half a complaint; as long as we show the company’s business card, other companies have to flatter a few words. However, this kind of credibility must be earned by working hard. Because of the great importance attached to the word “credibility”, Mr. Lin Tian’s credibility is second to none in our department. Is that what Chief Hayashida said? He said no problem? “Well, he said that, but we didn’t say anything, so let’s do it!” When senior members of our department deal with people from other departments, they often hear similar responses from each other. Therefore, I admire Mr. Lin Tian very much and feel that he is really a great person. However, a senior told me that Mr. Lin Tian’s performance in the company has not been widely recognized. He is always crossing the river by feeling the stones, and he is very cautious. There is nothing wrong with this, but as a boss, it is hard to avoid thinking that he can’t do things freely. The section chief doesn’t seem to agree with his way of working. When I heard it, I was thoughtful. Section chief that person is not like a technician, but like a real estate developer, always let us see the target, come forward bravely, and Mr. Lin Tian’s style of doing things is indeed quite different. I began to follow Mr. Lin Tian to get familiar with all kinds of work, and sometimes I helped him, and I felt that I had gained a lot. Who knows, just over a month later, the personnel department issued a transfer order and assigned me to the fuel injection manufacturing workshop to study on the spot. It is said that only in this way can we better adapt to the work after becoming a regular employee. I will often go to that workshop. You have to work hard to gain a good reputation. In addition, the body should also be careful. Mr. Lin Tian encouraged me to say. The workshop is about thirty kilometers away from the headquarters of the company. We can live in a special dormitory nearby during the internship. In this way, I lived a life of two weeks on day duty and one week on night duty. Although the work is hard, it is still very happy after mastering the required skills. The monitor is a very interesting uncle, and the other staff are also good to me. Mr. Lin Tian comes to inspect once or twice a week, and he will come to see how I am doing. His own job is to debug a batch of newly introduced robotic equipment on another production line. How’s it going? Have you had a hard time recently? I stood in front of the assembly line to assemble parts, and Mr. Lin Tian bent down carefully to stand aside and accosted me. It’s all right. I kept working in my hands for a moment and simply answered. Because once I stop, the operation of the assembly line will be blocked. Mr. Lin Tian, who is familiar with the work flow, said softly, “OK, then do a good job!” He turned and left. During a lunch break, Mr. Hayashida invited me to see his newly introduced robotic equipment. The robot is equipped with a flexible mechanical arm, which can assemble small parts by itself and has welding function. That’s awesome. It’s done in the blink of an eye! I watched the small parts come out of the oven at the speed of three seconds, and I couldn’t help admiring them. That’s not ideal! After cutting off the power supply, Mr. Hayashida’s eyebrows wrinkled into the word “Chuan”: “The rate of finished products is not high, and the condition of the welding machine is not ideal. It will be officially put into the production line in two months. How can we do that? It’s really nerve-racking! Next to the robot stood a welding machine manufacturer, who was thin and had a bad face. That’s because Mr. Hayashida is too strict. The man said with a prick in his words. As a manufacturer,x70 line pipe, he naturally wants to get the approval of customers as soon as possible, so that he can get the payment as soon as possible, but Mr. Lin Tian is absolutely unrelenting.


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