What is Fiber Optic Anchor Tension Clamp

The fibre anchor tension clamp is a cable clamp invented to tie up ADSS cable during the construction of FTTx and electrical lines.They are used to keep aerial bundle cables firm in place. They are low in voltage and has an adjustable wedge. The Anchor tension clamp is also mostly used in figure 8 installation. Fibre optic anchor tension clamp has been called low voltage aluminium or wedge type tension clamp. The clamp is made up of stainless steel bail and sunray resistance plastic wedge which ensure that its environmental stability. Its installation does not need or include other equipment or tools. Another advantage is its ability to clamp extend the length of the wedges without generating any damage to the cables. The loop/ bail is made to be removable for fast and easy connectivity with the ring tightening and also has the capacity to fasten cables without exposure and separation of other supporting elements.
The Fibre optic anchor tension clamp has a span of 100 meters which can be adjusted depending on the configuration of cables installation. The tension clamp can be coupled with brackets, cross-arms or eye bolt with a diameter of 15mm during any installation.



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