Why is oil-air lubrication more suitable for Square Spindle Motors

In modern manufacturing technology, high-speed machine tools have become an unstoppable development trend. With the development of bearing technology and lubrication technology, the speed of the spindle motor is gradually increasing, and the requirements for lubrication are also increasing.

To maintain the rotational accuracy of a Square Spindle Motor with high-speed rotation, controlling the temperature rise of the spindle is an important indicator. The temperature rise of a Square Spindle Motor comes from the bearing, which is the result of the conversion of dynamic friction losses into heat transfer to the bearing system. The way to reduce the temperature rise of the bearing is to reduce the dynamic friction loss of the bearing and improve the heat dissipation condition of the bearing.

Currently available in the Square Spindle Motor bearings using lubrication methods such as grease, oil mist lubrication, and oil and gas lubrication.

1. When using grease lubrication, bearing unit time heat generation, the lubricant’s viscosity will drop as the temperature rises. In order to avoid bearing burns, it must be fully added to the lubricant. Still, the increase in the amount of oil at the same time also increases the resistance to stirring, increasing the friction loss and reducing the service life of the bearing. If reducing the grease is reduced, it not only can’t achieve the purpose of low friction but also can’t bring the bearing heat.

2. Oil mist lubrication is a micro lubrication that can reduce friction and bearing temperature. Still, there are problems of environmental pollution and imprecise control of oil quantity. When the atomized lubricating oil drifts into the air, it will cause great harm to the health of workers, so this kind of lubrication method has stopped using in some western countries.

3. Oil and gas lubrication is a new type of micro-lubrication with higher technological content than oil mist lubrication, forming oil and gas state “two-phase film” with high bearing capacity, with very good lubrication and wear protection effect. A continuous supply of compressed air can remove friction heat and play a good cooling effect. The lubricating oil utilization rate is high and will not be atomized, with no environmental pollution and no harm to the human body.

Compared with other lubrication methods, the effect of oil and air lubrication is better, so it is more suitable for using oil and air lubrication on high-speed Square Spindle Motors. Not only that, oil and gas lubrication, with its advantages in rolling bearings, sliding bearings, open gears, chains, tracks, wheel rims, and many other occasions, are widely used.

These are why oil and gas lubrication is more suitable for Square Spindle Motors. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!


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