Yang Shen _ Dream into Shenji _ txt Novel Paradise

“Are you finished?” Hong Xuanji raised his eyebrows more and more and said, “According to etiquette, you are just a concubine in the Hou Mansion. You can’t compare with Kang’er and Xi’er. Do you want me to treat you like Kang’er and Xi’er?”? The wife is not divided, and is laughed at by all the people in the world! Besides, I, Hong Xuanji, have sixteen sons and seven daughters! One more for you, one less for you! Your mother is the saint of the evil way, bringing disaster to the court! Attempt to control the state artifact! And trap me in injustice! Besides, she is a concubine, humble status! It is reasonable for me to kill my wife and pass the law of the country! Even if you talk about heaven and earth, can you still talk about this truth? Country state, she dream ice cloud a small woman, want to interfere? Since you don’t recognize me as a father, how can I, Hong Xuanji, care about you, a treacherous and disobedient son? You read books and talk about righteousness. Don’t you understand what righteousness is? Little brute! Hong Xuanji in the speech, the eyes are all disdain, and contempt! “Well,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, well said!”! How dare you say such a thing in front of your mother’s grave! Very good The anger in Hong Yi’s heart was completely ignited. Hong Xuanji! You are the humble one! My mother is a saint of Taishang Dao, and she is married to you! And you are what! It’s just a mean person who wants to steal the Taishang Dan Sutra! Hong Kang, what good thing is Hong Xi? Hong Kang in Shuiyang, fire consumption received 80% silver, make a land of fish and rice, rich land, the people want to sell their children! People like you? Talk about governing the world! It’s a big joke! “Righteousness, family,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, country, and the world,” Hong Yi murmured. “Without a family, where does a country come from! I can’t protect my home! How can we govern the country! Can you make the world peaceful? Shh Hong Xuanji breathed a long sigh of relief and said to the grave, “Meng Bingyun, your son is treacherous. You saw him in front of your grave today.”. But I, Hong Xuanji, don’t have such a son! Don’t blame me for getting rid of the little beast. You want to kill me? Can you kill me? As soon as Hong Yi heard this, he knew that Hong Xuanji had already moved to kill, and he couldn’t help sneering. Do you think you have the evil of the silver shark king? There are still a few Taoist figures. Can’t I kill you? In Hong Xuanji’s eyes, he was still contemptuous: “Do you think if you kill Fei Rong, you will be lawless?” “You know I killed Zhao Feirong?” Hong Yi said coldly. How can you hide it from me? But you can’t imagine! Fei Rong won’t die! After I shatter the vacuum, I can help her reunite her thoughts! Clean up the spirit! Although Hong Xuanji’s body did not move, but between the words, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,caustic calcined magnesite, an overwhelming killing intention enveloped the entire space. He seems to be able to manipulate people’s grasp of space by moving at will. What about Wu Wenhui, the housekeeper? This good slave of yours! He has been burned to ashes by me! Can you reunite your soul for him! And your legitimate son, Hong Kang? Has also been possessed by me to control the spirit! When I think about it, he will be annihilated. Can you bring him back to life? And Yan Zhenzong of the Da Luo Sect, who is chasing me on the sea, has been destroyed by me and the silver gauze. Can you let him come back to life? Hong Yi threw out the killer’s mace at the last moment! Hear that! Hong Xuanji’s face changed as expected! www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM Chapter 268 the power of immortals! Chapter 268 the power of immortals! Hong Yi said all the things that he possessed Hong Kang in one breath, in order to severely attack Hong Xuanji, the heartless man whose heart was as hard as stone in front of him. He is not afraid of his own affairs being exposed. According to the law of the imperial court, it was an unpardonable crime to murder the feudal officials with Taoism. But Hong Yi expected that Hong Xuanji would not dare to publicize it. After all, the whole court, regardless of their relationship with Hong Xuanji, there are any grudges, but at least from the perspective of outsiders, are father and son. If the son used Taoism to murder the feudal officials, or his own brother, then the Manchu Dynasty, and even the civilian scholar-bureaucrats, could destroy everything. However, in order to avenge his mother, Hong Yi could not care so much, but he expected that Hong Xuanji would not publicize the matter, but would think of thousands of ways to cover it up. For Hong Xuanji’s position, this. What kind of reputation I can’t afford such a thing at home. Now Hong Yi also knows in his heart that Hong Xuanji is only. One way It is to completely obliterate oneself, and then everything can be covered up. But for Hong Yi, he doesn’t care. Things have come to this point, Hong Yi is also right. Hong Xuanji’s love between father and son There is no trace of nostalgia, nor fetters. How dare you scold your mother as a humble person in front of her grave! This is absolutely intolerable to Hong Yi. Hong Xuanji scolded himself as a “little beast” and could not care, but said. Mother is humble ! At that moment, Hong Yi’s killing heart was up! Originally, Hong Yi hated Hong Xuanji, but he didn’t want to kill him. Yes 。 But in front of his mother’s grave, he scolded the word “humble”, and Hong Yi really had a murderous heart! Only a complete killing heart! Break through the killing heart of all moral etiquette and law! In Hong Yi’s eyes, mother is a saint of Taishang Dao, ten thousand times more noble than Hong Xuanji! Hong Xuanji’s “humble” touched Hong Yi’s heart, that a trace of dull pain. It was like a covered abscess, suddenly punctured, and pus and blood flowed out! “What did you say?” Enveloped Hong Yi’s body of endless killing, suddenly a change! It seems to have eased up a bit. Hong Yi immediately felt that he had a dull mind, slowly running up. Just Hong Xuanji’s intention to kill, with the idea, are faintly enveloped in all directions of the void, making the human mind, there is a distorted feeling. In the face of Hong Xuanji, Hong Yi knew the terror of his heartless father, and at the same time,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Hong Yi also felt the terror of immortals! I also understand why Monk Yinyue crossed the world in those days, fighting this and that! Even the master of thunder robbery can’t do anything. The spirit of the immortals and Qi and blood are all combined, and the enemy’s mind can be distorted to understand the world under the cover of the momentum. stargrace-magnesite.com


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