Yoni Massage guide

A woman or call girl who has discovered her sexuality and draws strength from it is radiant, creative, and filled with vitality. She embodies the beauty of life and in turn attract this beauty like a magnet. The yoni is the key to discovering this empowering form of sexuality; it opens our innermost core. The word yoni comes from the Indian Sanskrit and refers to the entire female genital area, from the external parts of the vulva to the vagina, uterus, and ovaries. I am deeply grateful to have finally discovered a beautiful term for female genitalia, since I never found anything in the German language that even came close to describing the beauty and dignity of women’s bodies. No yoni ever tires of sending new signals as an invitation to us. We are connected to it at the most fundamental level, and we can neither ignore it nor ban it from our lives. Whether we are young or old, seventeen or seventy-seven, whether we are filled with beautiful experiences or lonely or traumatic ones, our yonis always maintain open pathways to our inner selves and will never be entirely closed to us. It is thus unimportant where we are in our sexual experiences when we decide to embark on a journey of discovery to the depths of our yoni. What we can discover on this journey is the flower of our femininity and the power of our independence. A woman who knows her yoni knows her desires and is able to communicate them clearly. This self-awareness and confidence find expression in all other parts of her life and are transferred to her entire being. When women are fulfilled and knowing as a result of close contact 2 Introduction with our femininity, we are able to build bridges to men. We no longer need to defend our boundaries in a hostile manner, or to wait quietly for a man to fulfill our hidden desires. We ourselves know what we need and can express these needs in a clear and loving way. From my years of leading seminars I know that men are incredibly grateful when they have concrete information and no longer have to search in the dark. When they know exactly what a woman likes, they are usually ready with their whole heart to translate this into respectful, careful, and loving practice. BEST MASSAGE


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